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What is on a Traditional regalia?

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  • What is on a Traditional regalia?

    Hey everyone,

    I need help on what goes on the regalia? This my frist time dancing Traditional. I was a Fancy Feather Dancer Before Changeing.

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    north tradtional regaila

    well 1st u need a shrit(ribbon), then aprons and side tabs (beaded or not), then u will need cuffs(beaded or not), then u will need ether leggings(with fring), or a strip or leather with fring(worn right below the knee cap)(beaded or not), then u will need "goats"a peice of goat fun wit a tie around it(goes around ur ankels x2), then sheep bells almost like fancey dance bells, then u will need a breast plate(longer then ur tummy),a chonch belt or leather belt,a fan, a dance stick, sheild(optional),a roach prefably any where from 7 "and up with a spreaders with sockets and 2 egale fethers in the sockets,then u can also use a feather brim(its like the bring of a hat it connects to the roach base and it blocks the sun from ur eyes(look at pics and u will see) then u will also need a U shaped swing bustel(of any feather u chose) then u can put fluffs or horshair at the tips of the feathers, also a optional head item is a fether hat(ghustiwhei) i didnt spell it right im veryy sorry but it is a feathered hat,un also u can have a bandoleir(made out of bone) um what eles what eles ?? o yes and also a bag if u want ? medican pouchs also add to it. just remeber ur side tabs aprons cuffs and leggings or fringe leathers
    will need lot and lots and lots and lots of fringe. their is a book "the northern tradional dancer" i suggest u pick it up. well happy dancing and have a nice day

    -mike basso (north eastern tradional dancer+grass dancer)

    p.s-if u kno any 1 selling regaila for cheap wether it be tradional or grass dance please drop me and email at [email protected] or u can drop me 1 if u have any other questions.


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      I am menominee, potawatomi from Wisconsin and I am going to be making an aplique outfit for the first time. There are different styles depending on which tribe abd how traditional the person is. The aplique is extensive ribbon work with symmetrical patterns and complimenting colors. If anyone has any advise about techniques or anything else please send me a message.


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        for the fringes can you use ribbons instead of the buckskin/leather???


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          absolutely. it's more contemporary than the buckskin fringe, but it adds a lot of color to your clothes.


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            so the ribbon fringes are a good thing instead of the buckskin? does the regalia have to be bead or not?


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              It doesn't have to be. Some cloth outfits are custom embrodered (spelling). It's really all up to you, personal preference.
              The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
              -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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                koo. thanks guys. i wanted to know if i have to be introdued in to the traditional style danceing as i was to fancy?


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