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    anyone know how to make a whistle out of a bird bone like the old eagle war whistles?

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    Alright, check this out, I am meaning no disrespect but do you really know what your asking to do here? There's alot of things I will let slide in the arena-God knows there's some folks out there with some err "unique" ideals and instead of dealing with them I usually circle around and head for the frybread stand. Anyhow, this one is one that ain't sliding. I'm not saying don't make one, but if your looking for attention-and not necessarily the good kind, go ahead and blow on that thing in front of the drum(s). Oh, bring your wallet too. There is alot of responsibility that comes with being a whistle carrier, so like I say if you still want to make one, I think the old Ben Hunt books might teach it but you'd probably be better served by leaving that at home after you make it. This is just my two bits, but again, if you carry one into the circle, you better have a DAMN GOOD reason and be ready to explain. (Combat Vet or comperable status) So be prepared


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      wow!?! this is going in a 360 degree turn that i wasn't expecting. first, i heard that if a whistle was blown during a song, it meant that they wanted the song to continue longer. so i wanted one. don't ask where i heard that, i don't remember. but i'm going to try and find out. now if you'd kindly tell me why it's a big deal to have a whistle, maybe i'd re-think making one. bring my wallet?? what does that mean? plus you must understand something...i have been on a powwow trail for about 8 yrs. now. but that was here in the north east. we run things altogether different up here. so i need to get used to the "western" style gatherings if you will. i understand in your first sentance you meant no disrespect, but still that was a little harsh. so please don't shove your hand down my throat and rip out my heart. if i did something that offended, please let me know. offentimes it's because i'm not used to your powwow customs. and that goes for anyone else out there whom might think i'm just another wasichu (sp?) trying to be indian :( yeah i have light skin, but my grandmother was half. the rest of me is french canadian. so i'm still learning about my heritage.


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        It didn't look like he was trying to rip your heart out. Looked like he was trying to help.

        Before you are entitled to blow a whistle, there is certain criteria that has to be met. I would advise approaching someone (most likely an older whistle man) and ask about these things. There are different types of whistles for different events. Some are not used in a social setting.

        To avoid embarrassment, DO NOT try this at any powwow unless you have recieved the right. You will be called on it, especially at northeastern powwows where it is known that some things are done in the improper way.

        Hope this helps.


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          yeah um its not cool to just be like "I heard it means you keep the song going and i wanted to do that"

          there are all types of whistle carriers all of which are designated some may be one for a certain faimly or a tribe and others recieve their whistles because they are a wounded vet or because they sun dance.

          as far as the whole thing you said about being from the north east. as far as i know they would not have whistles here if it where not for the more western tribes. so to say i don't know how you do it wont fly. because thats where it came from.

          no one is trying to rip you apart just trying to prevent you from alot of embarrasment.

          when bear dancer said bring your wallet. haha that means you better be willing to give that drum and the mc everything you got. most area's have a designated whistle carrier and if you are a visiting whistle carrier you need to inform both the mc and the whistle carrier of that area if you intend on blowing your whistle othewise you WILL be called on it and you will have to pay

          my suggestion is don't worry bout it and just don't make one you will be safer
          toksa ake


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            Ok, sorry if I came across a little brash- subtle isn't exactly one of my strong points :Angel: So anyway, no I ain't trying to rip your heart out- I just seen some folks learn what I told you the REAALLY hard way and I'd rather you just get some ruffled feathers here than get nailed at an event. I kinda felt bad for the last dude I saw blowing a whislte without what tradish4you said "prior coordination" with the mc. Yeah when he blew it, the drum kept on going...and going, ahem- and going. Old boy is over there just tootin away whilst the drum is bringing out the oxygen cart but all the while smiling. At the end of the marathon song, the MC called afore mentioned blower out and asked for his "donation" Needless to say, old boy had no clue what they were talking about and things got a little hectic real quick.
            So, like it has been said so far, with anything you don't know about or aren't real sure (just go up and ask-respectfully) This goes for anything, anywhere cause customs are different from area to area. Always better to go ask some folks, and if they don't know or are snobbish (remeber it's how and when you ask them that counts on this one i.e. not when they have a face full of frybread), ask others- ignorance is no excuse!!
            Goodluck and god bless

            Night Stalkers Don't Quit


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              Threads like this scare disrespect to crowvisions but what you're asking maybe disrespectful to some of us. It's good that you ask & that these guys have given you advice & fair warning.
              I say it's scary cuz things like this happen all to often, someone sees something, or hears something & wants to do it to w/out learning or knowing the true meaning behind it. That's disrespectful to us & our culture......and i agree that the person should be sculded by the arena director, mc, whom ever......i've seen some pretty embarassing moments w/these kinds of it's good you asked.

              *BE EASY*


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                well, i see where you guys are comming from. and i appreciate you looking out for me. and i'm going to admit you called me on alot of things. i know darn well i should ask before doing. but in my own defence i thought what i heard was from a relyable source. i could be wrong. like i said i'm trying to find out. i'm not sure what tradish 4 you means when he said "so to say i don't know how you do it won't fly." i don't get it. i'm from the east. i don't know ALOT of the ways of the west. i didn't know you had to earn the right to have a whistle. what does this whole whistle thing mean? i knew sun dancers had them, but i didn't know you had to be designated and the like. i'll say again i'm new to this. i'm walking away from native gatherings over here because there's too many "weekend warriors" if you will up here. and nothing's the same as it once was. the things that go on at this one particular gathering site are wrong, and i have left. i'm looking for the right people to associate with. so i'm trusting everyone here to help me learn new "powwow ways" and i'm sorry if i offended anyone or was disrespectful. i didn't mean anything by it.
                nia:wen thank you.


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                  when you whistle upon a drum they do continue the song it is true but there is a whole lot more to it then that i to am in the east coast and am only 18 do your research man it is out there talk to elders travel to south dakota most will tell you

                  toksa ake


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                    I got one, and its one of my most prized possessions. My great uncle gave me my first eaglebone whistle. I don't use it yet. I'm still in the military. I have been in now over 13 years. I got it for going to Desert Storm by the way, with the 1st Marine Division.

                    Thanks Uncle Horace Axtell!!!!!!!!! you rule!!!

                    Sergeant William EagleBlanket

                    Nez Perce:chief:


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                      aahhh :) another marine. would you mind if i honor you when i dance with my new regalia?



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                        That would be most excellent. But now, I'm in the Army. lol.
                        In fact here at Ft. Drum we are blazing off to Afghanistan in August and return? I'm not sure when we come back but it is sometime next year.

                        Still infantry after all these years...13 and counting.......8 of those years in the corps, with the 5th Marines. Semper fi!!!!


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                          cool. thanks! well, good luck and i'll be sure to keep you and all our brothers and sisters in the armed forces in my prayers.



                          Semper Fi !!!


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                            A little more on the eagle bone whistle. I was at a pow-wow in Arlee, MT and I bought a pow-wow program. In the program it said that no eagle whistles were allowed to be used. If you used it, you were going to "lose" points and if i remember you could be asked to leave as well. I can't remember now, this was in 1990. Been awhile since I been to a pow-wow.

                            I never heard one eagle whistle either at this pow-wow. The 4th of July Pow-wow is what it was.

                            I think it had to do with the tribes beliefs there. Its been that long since I was there.




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                              paying the price

                              yeah, i was at one dance where a whistle carrier gave a quick toot without informing people prior to it, or asking permission to. he dropped a quick $100 on the drum for that one...


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