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  • Up and coming drum groups

    A favorite subject of mine. I love to see groups come out of left field and rock a pow-wow like it was nobody's business and hardly anyone knows where they come from.

    There are groups that are establishing themselves these days, but I wanna talk about the groups that are just getting off the ground and give them some recognition.

    Probably one of my favorites from this summer was a group from The Pas, Manitoba called North Buffalo Cree. They're straight singers with a Red Bull kind of a beat and High Noon kinds of voices. All young guys (teens or not far from) and all sharp voices. I remember watching them and all of them led, no laggers. Be on the lookout for them.

    Southern Boyz (i know wrong category, but they're bad!)...they're a little established now and brought a ROCKIN'! crew to Schemitzun. In fact, I would've picked them for first. Really lively beat and an old style Comanche feel to their songs. Big booming sound gets your heart jumpin and their lead singer starts songs as high as most southern drums finish their songs (the last couple of leads that is).

    Iron Swing...don't know they're history, don't know how up and coming they are, but always showing up with a solid crew wherever they go. Good contemporary style Cree drum with some nice songs. First time I saw them was this summer as well.

    Lake of the older drum that left the scene for a while and came back with a vengeance. Ojibway boys from Ontario. They're lead singers are some of the solid singers from the former Assinboine Jr.'s/Horsetail crew. Really good tape too. They took one of their songs that's on Horsetail's last tape and added words. Threw me for a loop when I saw them sing it, but sounded badass. Really solid....rockin' beat as well and can sing just about anything. Look for their tape, you'll like it trust me.

    anyone got any more?????

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    Kau-ta-noh, Jr's, without a doubt, are one of the best drum groups in the East. Their lead singer, John Oxendine II, (used to be lead singer for Stoney Creek, Black Shirt, Young Society) has got an incredible voice, and a knack for writing kickass songs. He, along with the other boyz who are Lumbee,
    Tuscarora and Coharie, have a different kind of sound and these guys rock!!!! And I mean rock!!!

    Check out their website: - judge for yourself!!

    And hey Rock, thanks for asking, bro!!
    Everything is gonna be alright!

    Be blessed - got love???

    This b me.....


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      Yep, Yep, they sound good. Kau-ta-noh Jr's definitely know what they're doing.
      I'm wondering if anyone has heard of a drum group called Young Warrior. They were at the Northern Cheyenne powwow in Lame Deer this summer and I heard they were from South Dakota. I had never heard of them before but they sounded pretty [email protected] good.


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        These last couple of months Ive noticed a drum called Rocky Park. They're some Navajo guys who I think are from AZ. Seen them at a few contest powwows and they really impressed me. They have some good voices, and are pretty strong singers. Anyone else see these guys before?


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          Heard North Buffalo at United Tribes. I think they got second to Blackstone. They're good. I never heard of them and they sang their first song and I said, "Damn!! Who's that?" They need to slow down though. They sing so fast. You can't jam on intertribals because they take off.

          I think Bear Creek are still in the up-and-coming category. They can scream! Another one I heard this summer was Red Tail. I think from Lapwai? not sure but they're young and going to be good if they stay together.

          You have to remember, Youngbird has only been together for a few years.


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            Theres a couple of groups Ive heard in the past year that I think are real good. But the biggest suprise was Kau-ta-noh Jrs. Ive been singing at powwows around the east for several years now and this has got to be the best northern drum Ive heard around this area. The first time I heard them was June of this year. These guys definately deserve props.

            The expressed opinions above are not particularly the opinions of the author's friends, family, or employer.


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              Kau-Ta-Noh Jr.'s yep....a good one there...John Oxendine put together a solid crew. Hope they keep it together and stick around lots.

              HighsNLows, yep heard of Rocky Park. They've been around for a while now. More than 5 years anyway. See them a lot in the southwest which is where they're from. Keno Kelly and his brothers started that group and now they're taking off. Their voices have matured and they're singing together now (they used to scream over each other a lot). Nice pick.

              Bear Creek. Hells yeah. They had a solid crew at Gathering this year. Really jamming. Good songs. Same thing in Winnipeg last year. If I'm not mistaken they're the end result of Chi-Nodin and Rainbow throwing themselves together. I like their songs. Schemitzun this year they got into screaming around a little bit, but they still sounded good.

              And know this!!! Southern and overall champs this year. Going to pow-wows in Canada...Post Falls (the heartland of Contemp it seems like) and doing well. Taking first at Hobbema and second in Post Falls. Those guys had the best summer a drum group could hope for.

              Keep 'em coming....


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                Wow...this is so kewl...I am sure glad u peeps think that much of us. I am going to have to print this out and show the guys at the powwow this weekend...

                KTN 'till we die


                Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past, Wisdom is of the future.

                Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.


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                  Snake Island from Ontario is Up and coming in the original style. These guys can jam and they have their own style, not like so many other groups these days who try to copy the big name drums. These guys sing like Men (powerful), not real high like women.


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                    while at a powwow in WY this past summer, i was sitting near a drum named Thunder Horse, or Thunder House- something to that effect. i can't really remember now. but i thought they rocked it out on every song and their voices were awesome! does anybody know about these guys, where they're from...?


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                      I know this is a northern category, but for up and coming, I think of the following:

                      Edisto River - Southern, South Carolina
                      Southern Nation - Southern, Maxton, NC
                      Running Elk - Southern, Maxton, NC

                      These are all relatively new groups who seem to really be trying to advance. I know that Andy and his boyz from Edisto enjoy singing and have a good sound, but like alot of groups, have other issues and little support from their community. But as I say to them, keep the faith boyz. Your culture is worth preserving!! And your singing is appreciated!

                      Southern Nation and Running Elk are getting better every time I hear them. Keep up the good work!!
                      Everything is gonna be alright!

                      Be blessed - got love???

                      This b me.....



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                        Yep, Kau-Ta-Noh Jrs. rock!!! They are the best on the east coast. Someone please tell Schemitzun they don't know what they are missing. I know they have whooped out groups that go to Schemitzun. So I know they need to go. They have a killer sound like no other group I've ever heard.

                        KTN 'till we die!!!


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