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  • Little Boy

    Does anyone know if Little Boy from Duffield, Alberta are still together or not?

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    Yeah somebody tell me if there togethor or not. They were a good drum group back in the days. But now they just vanished. WEre are they now?


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      The last time I heard them was when they were one of the Invited Drums @ GON a few years back... I know alot of the singers from Little Boy joined up with another Stoney group called "Hawk River", but I haven't seen those guys/gals either???


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        I saw Little Boy at Enoch last July. I think they just stay local now.


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          "Gahzundteit" Thanx for the info.. It's good to hear that they are still out there on the trail. :D
          If anyone has any contact info.. Please PM me. Thanks again.


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