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    What can everyone tell me about Mountain Soul? they're hosting the ASU powwow in 2 weeks and i'd like to know what i'm looking forward to...


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    They're a pretty good drum group from Canada. This past September they hosted a powwow I was at and I liked what I heard. The judges must've too because they placed 1st and beat Eyabay, Battle River and Northern Wind.


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      mountain soul those guys have a great sound, they got a tape on sweetgrass records too, theyre from smallboy camp in Alberta, great straight style sound, i rank them right up there with high noon, battle river, big bear guys are in for a treat!!


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        I haven't had the pleasure of hearing them live, but on tape they are tremendous! I've heard some good things about them. I hope you enjoy the dance.


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            I've never heard these guys until yesterday and I think they have an ultimate sound. And that was from the Thunderchild '98 tape. I can just imagine what they sound like today. I'm really looking forward to hearing these guys live, as they impress me on a tape, live is just that much better.
            ~AJ~ ;)


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              I heard them last year at Sarcee powwow last July. They had a real solid original sound and they also placed in the drum contest. Old style songs are my fav and these guys know em.


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                they were good! the AD had to ask people to back up away from the drum so there'd be a better connection to the dancers. the crowd around them was sticking way out under the tent. though the day i was there (saturday) was rained out so all we saw were 5 dances. but they let the drums sing.


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                  mountain souls from smalllboys camp near hinton alberta were there isolated but know lots of the old ways i know them and they like what people say about them.


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                    Whos Mountain Soul??

                    Just kidding brothers...hear that Zorthian's...just teasing!! E-me if you read this aye! You know you're my Nigahz!!
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