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    Hey Ruminator, I hear you were in LI a few weeks ago (I have eyes and ears EVERYWHERE!!)

    HeHe...but not as many as I have! It was good to see LT there. It was a great dance with some awesome music. We had about 35 singers for the gourd dance alone. Stony Park was stranded in Cincinatti but finally showed up Sat night.
    Seems like all we did was eat.

    Cat & Dog ...Another white meat.


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      Originally posted by WaxeNuZhinga:
      Powwow is right, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy either
      Make sure you bring your heavy leather backpad. Igor cleaned all the shrubbery from around the flogging post today. I'm looking forward to having as much fun as when we fed my brother to the hogs. ;-รพ
      Cat & Dog ...Another white meat.


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        in looking at some of the other discussions, i thought this might make for a good one. have any of you ever had problems with songs you sing because you learned you didnt have "the right" to sing it??? for instance, my drum back home had a problem about a year ago because we learned a song...
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        Did this song ever get sung at a powwow?

        How and where did you get the inspiration from?

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        Did you add words to it?

        Was it an intertribal or specialty song?...
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        I just finished listening to a powerful song that belongs to the late Tom Charging Eagle. YouTube - Midnite Express singing Tom Charging Eagle Song @ GON 2010. In the video, this song was rendered by Midnight Express.

        Both Northern and Southern tribes and drum groups compose "personal...
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