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    Howdy! I am experiancing some diffeculties with a few of my Drums singers. They are both older then myself and its hard for me to know what to do. Iam pretty much the leadsinger and person they depend on for remembering the songs..I also sing the highest and have the most valume to my voice, so I think thats why they depend on me so much. I dont like singing with them anymore, becuz they are always fighting for image, and constantly pointing there fingers at others. They dont sing that well and lip sync on occasion.This puts a strain on my voice to make up for there lack of singing and valume.
    what should I do.. I feel that its time for me to leave and put this nagative stuff behind me and move on, but I dont want them to take it personal.
    My question is, have any of you experianced this with your group of singers at the drum. And how did you handle it?...any suggestions?

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    Drop those stiffs, singers are a dime a dozen, it is the same in B.C., singers here with little or no real training or knowledge sit around a drum and all of a sudden they are Frank Sinatra Runningbear.

    I see many drums here who after some time can sing another drums songs almost as well as the original, but all it is is a cheap imitation. RW if you ever come north, I would be glad to sing with you and share the little I know.



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      I agree with kahkakew...

      a drum group should be like family


      Work like you don't need the money, Love like you never been hurt, and Dance like nobody is watching.

      Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.


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