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The Singer - A Poem

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  • The Singer - A Poem

    The Singer

    I never noticed the drum
    Until I heard you
    I assumed they were tapes
    Flipped from side 1 to 2

    But you were so loud
    It pierced the arena’s space
    I looked thru the crowd
    Until I saw your face

    It was contorted with pain
    And your hand was over your ear
    But the noise coming from your mouth
    Was music to my ears.

    I had never heard a man
    Sing with such emotion
    You moved me with your song
    It gave me the notion

    To walk right up to you
    And shake your hand
    But I realized how much it took
    To reach that higher land

    So I respectfully watched
    As you sang those beautiful songs
    Songs that were forgotten
    And would’ve been lost before long

    I admire your stamina
    And your ability to write
    The songs for our people
    So that we just might

    Carry on the traditions
    Of a people that was proud
    They are smiling at you bro
    From high above the clouds

    Please carry on the songs
    That make us want to dance
    And from just one person, thanks
    For giving us the chance.

    Smokin' Ace

    I wrote this poem with a certain singer in mind, but I think it can apply to many others.


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    Everything is gonna be alright!

    Be blessed - got love???

    This b me.....

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