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    Did Whitefish Jrs. break up?

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    No, Harvey still sings with the rest of the crew when available. It's just that they live so many miles away from each other that they can't get together all the time. They recorded at the Toronto powwow. Should be released soon.


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      As a matter of fact....Whitefish Jrs will be at Gathering of Nations this year!!!! Harvey works full-time and is unable to travel to all the powwows. But they are still holding up strong and sounding awesome!!!!! :D


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        They went to Regina's Annual Pow wow. Here is a list of the winners. :D


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          Sycuan Powwow Sept 7-9th
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          Anyone who is interested here is the info:

          We'll be heading out to this one, been a long time since we've been there........looking for some good fun and sun...ayeeeee.

          Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation - Traditional Gathering and Annual Pow-Wow - El Cajon, California
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          feast day
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          sorry, its NOT a pow-wow by any means
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          Update from Grand River, Sept. 22, 2006
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          Gathering Place First Nations Canadian News Alert

          _ (
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          Well, did everyone get to watch the 2nd part of the show 'Indian Summer,...
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          The Pow Wow
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          Posted by Mato Winyan

          Sitting out in the waving and swaying breeze, I watch as the trees bow in graceful reverence. This signifies that spring arrived on the wings of the blustery winds. The evidence is all around me, the earth is indeed once again alive.

          I open my ears...
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