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    Yes there are different types of drums. There are many who call themselves singers or drums but only have a 5 to 10 song repetoire! Then there are those who can sing songs for any occassion and the proper songs for each occassion. This usually takes along time and shouldn't (can't) be rushed. The songs tell the story of the people and to tell that story right, you need to know alot of info about each song or type of song. Anyone can beat on a drum and yell out some vocables but there is so much more to know about singing these songs that you would only be depriving yourself of a great and enlightening experience by singing only in that fashion.


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      Well said Rabbitbelly!

      The expressed opinions above are not particularly the opinions of the author's friends, family, or employer.


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        It just seems like there are so many people out there who want to learn, but they get hooked up with people who don't know anything.


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          I just finished listening to a powerful song that belongs to the late Tom Charging Eagle. YouTube - Midnite Express singing Tom Charging Eagle Song @ GON 2010. In the video, this song was rendered by Midnight Express.

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          There are a few calling song's but the best ones that I thank are the ones that my PON KA People sing!"Beautiful". But I would like to know what other people feel when they hear that first song of the year? For my self I have to fight back the tears. Man those song's make me feel so good....
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