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    Hey troops,

    I truly enjoy visiting here from time to time. I am looking to find web sites that can provide some music. I am not picky, I can go both ways- norther or southern. eeeassy there. drumming only.

    Maybe there is a site out there that puts out some recordings taken from dances etc.????

    Seems that during the cold winter days I long for a song that can take me away from my mind numbing work.

    Thanks to all who put the time and effort into this site.

    The Suburban Skin.

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

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    try a little something called napster. tons and tons and tons of powwow music. all free- just be quick about it, before they start charging.



    • #3 will lead you to lots of N.A. music links.


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        Hey, Suburban Skin!!

        I think that you should hit the napster site and download! There are some awesome songs there!!

        Can you guess who???

        Wiky Chick
        Wiky Chick


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          Napster's got Pow wow songs? RIght on!


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            Hey Troops,

            Thanks for the information, I was on Napster only once and rean a few names through it and found ZIP!!!!

            What is the best way to search for this type of info.

            Yo Wiki Chick,

            Guess Who????

            Well did we ever???? you know????

            Ever sick!!!you're my cousin!!!!

            No seriously, Weren't you the head judge at the Wiki Hickeee Competition???

            get in tough with me, you know how.

            Or are you stalking me again

            Surban Skin
            Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


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              Hey Suburban skin and wiky chick - sounds like a hoot to be anywhere with you too.
              Do you chat? If so where? Wouldn't mind hooking up for some laughs.

              You guys must be redskins!


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                Hey there troops,

                Thanks for all the advice. I cornered an unemployed university grad. who knew all about the napster thing.

                We were able to get some good songs filed out. The majority seem to be older and well established. Does anyone know of any other location that has some current powwow tunes???

                Is there a web site that will post some views from powwows????

                I read of people speaking of their favourites but when when we are on the other side of the island, what are the chances of actually seeing for ourselves????

                Singing Eagle,

                Yea. this wiki chicky is a hoot. thing is, she just quit smoking the cancer sticks and is on edge. I'm sure she will get better.

                we have been talking about getting together for the odd powwow.

                "Chat" I heard the university grad say" Grasshopper, when you can snatch the mouse from my hand it will be time for you to moveon". one step at a time I guess.

                got to go, work is calling. "Time for Coffee"

                the suburban skin
                Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


                • #9
                  for you napster users-
                  what are your screen names? i'd like to add some more powwow songs to my list.
                  mine is: nib224
                  i've got a decent amount, around 250 songs or so.
                  let's share


                  • #10
                    Hey there, "Suburban Skin"!! Ever sick you! You're my cousin!! Wait a minute, you're my third cousin, come back here!!

                    You wish I was stalking you!!

                    However, I'm from the rez and wouldn't be able to find you in the Urban Jungle!! Oh!!

                    As for the Wiky Hickee contest. You should come to our pow wow and enter, and I'll make sure you win!! Eehh!

                    Wiky Chick
                    Wiky Chick


                    • #11
                      Wiki Chick fixing that ever elusive Wiki Hickeeee contest, Is nothing sacred anymore???

                      The question that comes to mind is the winner of the competition the person possessing the love wounds or the passionate partner.

                      It is a question one needs to know before entering.


                      What are the areas of interest that the judges look for.

                      Is it divided into age groups. Are the judges looking a traditional approach or can on get Fancy????

                      Aren't we getting off topic????

                      What happened to the on-line drum..


                      Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


                      • #12
                        Yo, Suburban Skin, you shouldn't be so worried about the variables!! You should enter for the fun of it!!

                        However, I do know one thing. It is only the one carrying the marks that enters!! Sometimes, the passionate partner doesn't want to be identified!! (Can't be???)

                        As for the on-line drums. I thought that was settled. Get onto the Napster and download from ContempTradish!! I suppose I'm technically challenged, 'cause I don't know of any other sites.

                        Wiky Chick
                        Wiky Chick


                        • #13
                          check this site out:


                          American Indian Radio on Satellite



                          • #14

                            I went on napster last evening and was looking for your handle with no luck.

                            I shoot you off a message advising of my e-mail so we can hook up

                            Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


                            Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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