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  • dropped eagle feathers

    some friends of mine have been singing together for quite some time and we are thinking about bringing it to powwows. What do you think of Long Island Sound for a name? anyways I was at a powwow once and an eagle feather dropped and the next drum up was called to sing a song for the dropped feather and they didn't know what to do and they had to give away for there mistake. So I guess my question is what song do you sing when a feather is dropped and what songs should we make sure we know also so this does not happen to us ie(red cloud song or a memorial song)

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    uSUALLY A VET SONG FOLLOWED BY A CHARGING SONG. The charging song that a lot of people sing is;

    nantan hinape, nantan hinape 5x
    eyasica ceyapelo.

    i have seen many different translations but here is one;

    They are walking carrying him 5x.
    The Germans are crying.

    I have also seen it translated as "they are charging"

    it is about a fallen soldier on the battlefield. his friends carry him off the field after charging the germans.

    WWII of course.
    The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.


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