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Preparation prior to singing?

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  • Preparation prior to singing?

    Tansi Totemtik?

    How do you or your drum group prepare individually or as a group prior to singing? This includes how you prepare the drum and its area.



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    I was refering to how does your group or yourself prepare yourself and the drum culturally and spiritually before, during and after pow-wows..come on people, lets not be high tone, share oyur ways, if oyu do not drum or sing, then other pplease share your experinces.



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      heh heh.......don't know how they do things up your way.....but heh heh...(can't stop laughing).....I think we're a little too busy preparing ourselves to dance and bash people...


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        First of all,no alcohol,no drugs.And i dont mean a day or two before the pow-wow.I mean not at all.Also ,no sleeping[to be polite and decent]with wife or girlfriend.[the day before the powwow and during the time you sing].
        Hate is for FOOLS!And fools like m&ms come in all colors

        I am ready to tell you my secret now,I see dumb people,.I see them everywhere.They dont know they're dumb,they only see what they want to see.That weird feeling which make the hair on your neck stand up....thats them!


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          Yep! same here! If its a ceremony that I or my drum will be in, I was taught that "sleepin" is not somthing one should do before or during, but if ya do,"smudge" off before ya sit down or come to the gettogether. If I am gonna sing alot, I try to drink alot of water, and sage tea, and lemons. I test myself to make sure I remember songs that are to be sung there. I clean the drum and sticks with smoke, and rub a little water or tea on the drum head. I will sometimes lay a little bit of tobacco on the floor under the drum, before I set it up. and always keep it covered when not it use. dont beat the drum I tell folks Play the drum. I keep an eagles tounge in a puoch next to my chest when Iam leadsinging or in a sweat singing. I also, will slip a little piece of cedar into my shoes, which I was taugh will protect me. so, thats alittle bit of what I do, when gettin ready to sing. I also try to listen to the drum and see how its doing, before I even go to the gettogether.
          Then I borrow some hippy's Crystal and start rubbin! eyyyy!! LOL! teasin!
          Take care


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