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  • Pre-Schemitzun

    Ok people who are you early choices to be the top five winners at Schemitzun in the NOrthern Contemporary, Northern Original, Southern, and overall races?

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    Southern Original
    1-Cozad 1-Battle River
    2-Youngbird 2-High Noon
    3-Whitetail 3-Red Bull
    4-Southern Boys 4-Whitetail
    5-Cedartree 5-Haystack

    Contemp Overall
    1-Northern Cree 1-Northern Cree
    2-Blackstone 2-Battle River
    3-The Boyz 3-High Noon
    4-Blacklodge 4-Blackstone
    5-Eyabay 5-Youngbird


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      For Southern......Yellowhammer


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        This year is unique as the drum contest is open to all singing groups. I think that there will be some new groups step up and be noticed since this will be the first time Schemitzun is allowing all groups to participate in the singing contest. It should be a great contest this year, new groups, new songs and new categories!


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          Here's my stab at it assuming all these guys show up :)

          1st- Cozad
          2nd- Youngbird
          3rd- Bad Medicine
          4th- White Tail
          5th- Southern Thunder

          Northern Contemporary
          1st- Blackstone
          2nd- Bear Creek
          3rd- Northern Cree
          4th- Black Lodge
          5th- Tha Tribe

          Northern Original
          1st- Battle River
          2nd- High Noon
          3rd- Red Bull
          4th- Mandaree
          5th- Haystack


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            Like BPlenty sez. "assuming they show up" Is there a limit on how many drums can enter? There's a lot of groups who don't travel too much that many people haven't heard. They just might travel to this one cuz of all the hoopla about Ska-mitz. Trying to pre-determine a winner is pretty hard.

            Whaddif 200 groups decide to go? Judge them on 1 song 2-times thru? This is gonna be a madhouse I betcha.

            Anybodies guess on how many groups are in U.S. and Canada? < This is what the drum judges will look like if they all show up.


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              Hey DWA - more like

              Hehe - I know that Kau-ta-noh, Jr's will be there!!!
              Everything is gonna be alright!

              Be blessed - got love???

              This b me.....



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                It will be crazy up there with an open drum contest but here is my prediction.

                Southern: Cozad
                Bad Medicine
                Southern Thunder

                Northern Contemporary: Nothern Cree
                Bear Creek
                Whitefish Jrs
                Maskwaki Nation

                Northern Original: Red Bull

                don't know many orig. groups.

                a shout goes to a home drum from around my neck of the woods. Kau-ta-Noh Jrs. Yall represent up there and show everybody what's up. My thoughts and prayers are gonna be with you.



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                  hey whats up new member here checking it out. My guess goes to
                  1.Bear Creek (i mean didn't they take gatherings)
                  2.Tha tribe
                  3.Northern cree
                  5.Someone who doesent' even deserve it.

                  And isn't this whole rating a little premature, i mean come on guys obsessive much


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                    Thanks, man. We all appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers! No doubt! :D
                    Everything is gonna be alright!

                    Be blessed - got love???

                    This b me.....



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                      I think it will be interesting this year with the open drum setup, but isn't interesting good??
                      Here is my prediction for N. Contemp.:
                      1.Bear Creek
                      2.Black Stone
                      3.The Boyz
                      4.Whitefish Jrs.
                      5.Northern Cree

                      I do agree with 4 Schizzal on the point about G.O.N..
                      ....and with the open drum some of the long standing drums just MIGHT get some new competition.

                      But that is what these old dawgs need to stay on their toes!!!!!



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                        Hey come on now people. Sure Bear Creek sounds good, and they have that drum group image these days, but honestly at Gatherings, they sang good songs, sounded quality, but, what's with their beat? They sound like they're gonna pick it up, then it stays the same tempo. They sound good, but their beat could use some work.

                        but hey I'm the new guy here on the block, so maybe my comment won't count yet.



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                          You know it is possible to pickup the beat without picking up the tempo! As a matter of fact, it takes alot of skill to do that sort of pickup.
                          Anyways, I will try to predict the future for only the original and contemporary categories; ORIGINAL
                          1st: Battle River
                          2nd: High Noon
                          3rd: Mandaree
                          4th: Snake Island
                          5th: Eagle Flight
                          6th: Mountain Soul
                          7th: White Tail
                          8th: Red Bull
                          1st: Northern Cree
                          2nd: Bearcreek
                          3rd: Blackstone
                          4th: Blacklodge
                          5th: Eyabay
                          6th: EyaHey Nakoda
                          7th: Whitefish Bay
                          8th: The Boyz
                          If they all show up but I doubt it as there is a huge powwow up in Manitoba starting on the 27th and alot of these drums are invited there.


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                   seems that the contenders for the top N.Cont. spot seems to be between Blackstone, Bear Creek, and Northern Cree. Although there aren't too many postings on this topic, that seems to be the forming trend. All three drums sound really tough and I do hope these fellas say "to hell with Manitoba" and show up at
                            Skee-mitt-sin. That would make an interesting show wouldn't it?
                            Bear Creek vs. Northern Cree vs. Blackstone

                            I'm definitely gonna have to get the t-shirt.

                            May the best drum win.


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                              Aint this fun people? I mean....who wants to sit around and wait to see who wins. Its always fun to pick early. Since I started this whole thing, I think I have a duty to write down who I think who'll win. So here they are.
                              Northern Original
                              1. Battle River
                              2. High Noon
                              3. Mountain Soul
                              4. Midnight Express
                              5. Smokey Town

                              Northern Contemporary
                              1. Blackstone
                              2. Northern Cree
                              3. Eyabay
                              4. Bear Creek
                              5. BlackLodge

                              1. White Tail
                              2. Young Bird
                              3. Cozad
                              4. Zotigh
                              5. Cedar Tree

                              1. Blackstone
                              2. Battle River
                              3. Northern Cree
                              4. White Tail
                              5. Eyabay

                              Mind you if these drums ONLY show up!

                              Tell me more about that Winnipeg pow wow that same weekend. :)
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