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    Anyone want to talk about songs from the Lakota Oyate? Fav groups, fav songs, songs you're working on learning or just enjoy singing.

    My fav groups are:
    Ikce Wicasa
    Sons of the Oglalas
    Running Antelope
    Crazy Horse Jrs.

    I love all those older songs...some new ones, but really only the ones whose composition in the language makes sense. Not too much of a fan of those potato chip songs..."Wacipelo" over and over again :D

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    I have not heard Porcupine in person since I was "back home" at 12 years old. I did hear a drum group singing one of their songs in tribute at the Nespelem powwow two weeks ago. I enjoy their World War One Veterans Song, they put it on their tape Honoring Irving Tail.
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      To my knowledge, Crazy Horse Jrs. doesn't have a tape out yet. They are all very young singers, but with their talent I would say its forthcoming for sure. Porcupine is very good, just doesn't travel much anymore for obvious reasons.

      Does the WWI song you're referring to begin:

      Nake kola cemayaye

      If so, I love that song as well. Good old type song.


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        Here's a place to hear a good old one:

        One of my favs... :D


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          Words/Translations for that song:

          Kola tokile (repeated)
          Kola ceyapelo

          Waziyata kicizape
          Kola tokile kola tokile
          Kola ceyapelo

          Friend, you are going somewhere (someplace)
          Friend, they are crying (for you)
          They are fighting in the north
          Friend, you are going somewhere
          Friend, they are crying (for you)


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            Ikc'é Wic'as'a (Common Man),

            That's the one!

            Naké kola c'emamayé (Friend you have made me cry)...

            I like the second Rabbit song on that same tape but I loaned it out a year ago and don't remember the title or words. I think the translation is something like, "There are so many ways to live, everything will be alright." The first Rabbit song was about writing a love letter until the couple is reunited. Up here in the Northwest, they call those Owl dances. (?)

            Though we don't get many Lakota groups up here per se, we have been visited by Eye Hey Nakoda and Red Paint Creek (Assiniboin) in the past year. A local group, Shiobaha, has a couple of singers from Rosebud. I only see them if I go out on the Olympic Peninsula though.
            "Friends don't let friends drink decaf..."
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              One of the finest groups that I've ever heard sing the "Lakota Flag Song" was Lakota Buffulo Lake at United Tribes powwow back around 1986 or 87.
              Still can feel the chills up my spine remembering when I heard them sing and those women back-up singers - just awesome. :)


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                Buffalo Lake is still around. I think they just won the singing contest at Prarie Island. Them Dakota boys can sure sing.

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                  Hey B;
                  Do you know the words to the flag song?

                  "There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance in action."


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                    Tunkasilayapi tawapaha ki han oihunkesni he najin ktelo

                    Iyolatehan oyatekihan wicincacin kta ca lecamunwelo

                    P.S. Think I spelled most of those words right. :)


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                      Ok, can you translate that for me, My Lakota isn't as good as it should be. doksha


                      "There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance in action."


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                        The most commonly used translation for that song is:
                        "The flag of the United States will fly forever. Beneath it, the people will grow, that is why I do this."

                        In this first one, the flag of the United States is sometimes referred to as the President's flag.

                        Another more literal translation of those words is:
                        "To our forefathers who have gone before us. Without faltering, we will stand honoring their deeds. Below these deeds, the people live with honor and respect united. Because generations will follow, I commit myself to this way of life."


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                          Pidamaya B.

                          "There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance in action."


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                            Knowledge is like jam,the less you got,the more you spread it!!
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                            I am ready to tell you my secret now,I see dumb people,.I see them everywhere.They dont know they're dumb,they only see what they want to see.That weird feeling which make the hair on your neck stand up....thats them!


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                              I edited this post because it was negative at first and I didn't like it. Ito is right Jacques, why be negative? This is the first topic in a long while that hasn't gotten bogged down in racial tensions and strife. We're just talking about some Lakota songs that we like. What's wrong with that? If you'd like to share your love of Lakota music with us...please do so. If you want to stir up trouble, take it elsewhere. Everytime I think this board has gotten better, someone has to step up to the plate and prove otherwise.

                              [ July 23, 2001: Message edited by: Ikce Wicasa ]


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