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    OK gentlemen well said now back to topic. ;)

    I haven't been back home for quite a while. Anybody know some good drums from Standing Rock rez? Especially Wakpala area?
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      Mea culpa,mea culpa!
      Ok lets work for world peace:
      tunkasilayapi tawapaha kin han
      the grandfather's flag
      ohinhankesni he nanjinktelo
      without end it will stand
      iyohlateya oyatekinhan wicicaginkta
      underneath it the people will grow
      ca lecamuwelo
      this is why i do this

      I prefer that version:
      Ikce wicasa tamakoce kin tewahila na
      The indian country I love and
      I take courage
      Tunkasilayapi tawapahaki maka ihanke
      The grandfather's flag to the end of the world
      ki heya nanjinkte
      it will stand

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        I like this drum from pine ridge called native thunder. they used to be called medicine horse first time i heard them. anyway, those guys can jam. i always look forward to oglala nation because they are blasting every time i hear them.


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          I like Ft Yates singers, Ernie Thunderhawk singing lead, Screaming Eagle, from Cheyenne River and Eagle Mountain, from Pine Ridge and Running Antelope, from Little Eagle/Running Antelope, SD. Running Antelope was around about 15 yrs ago and went away but are back with some old and younger singers. They sound pretty good.

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