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  • Greetings

    Hi there! It's good to meet all of you...I am a member of a dance team in Pennsylvania, and recently decided to start a straight dance regalia. I'll have a lot of questions for you, and any help would be great! Thank you.
    Question: What do garters look like? I'm always told they are worn above the knees, but I've never actually seen them up close. How are they made, and where is the material obtained from?


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    Material is 4ply yarn for garters. They can also be loom beaded strips. Same for the
    yarn at the waist.


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      And geee, you guys never even got into the ribbon work a straight dancer wears.

      I will be back in business in a year.



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        Gee guys--good job,but were you going to open up a can a worms and talk about fur garters? I've seen some beauties out there worn by some top notch straight dancers. You could also go into more detail about beaded garters. Neither of these styles of garters should be worn with bells. Their beauty should stand out by themselves.
        I am awaiting the next post with anticipation.


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          On the beaded garter sets.....
          The ones I have made and have seen, the garters are beaded only on the four strips that hang down. (The only parts you can see) Basically it is four strips of beadwork attached to strip of cloth or canvas, sometimes even those wide shoelaces. The bells are tied over the cloth strip and the beaded strips hang down below the bells. I know many Osage dancers who wear them like this. I have never known a straight dancer to NOT wear bells.


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