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Jealousy at Pow Wows

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  • Jealousy at Pow Wows

    I just want to know what everyone thinks about all the jealousy between drums at pow wows? It seems like everywhere you look someone always has something to say about other groups. Aren't we here to sing for the people?

    What do you think?


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    I couldn't agree with you more that all drum groups are here to sing for the people. I think that some people put down other drum groups so they can feel better about themselves or their own group. But everyone knows in the long run talking other groups down will just make you look like a fool in the end.



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      There's always jealousy down here.I just ignore it. They're only making fools of themselves.


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        Hmm...I know...SouthernSinger in the Northern Forum Oh well...I just have a question. What kind of jealousy are you referring to? Are you sure this is jealousy or just friendly competition between drums? I have been to several powwows, competition and non, and friendly competition just adds to the fun of the weekend. I'm sure there may be jealousy between specifi drums, but I would be inclined to think that this jealousy is the kind that has built up over a long period of time. Just my thoughts on the matter...



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          I can't imagine why there should be jealousy to begin with...some groups are good...because they work hard to be that way (like practicing, travelling, working for new songs...etc)...and new groups or ones that aren't so hot just have to do the same, or just accept that they are where they are because that's how they are!!!! What I don't get are the groups that think they're hot and they're not...but, they put on a show or lie about themselves...and when they sing...that shows...the arrogance and the "big heads"....I don't think "big heads" have a good tune to the drum...Anyways,,,I'm rambling now..and making myself laugh!!


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            I don't know if it's that common, but I can tell ya about jealousy a little - last summer there was a big contest powwow where the two host drums were pretty big-name drums. Besides those two drums there were maybe 20 other drums that came, locally and from out-of-state. The powwow committee decided to give the two host drums ALL the contest songs (this was a 2-day contest powwow). Besides that, every special or honoring song went to the two host drums. So that left about 5 intertribal songs per day that were supposed to be divided up between the other 20 or so drums. Some drums never did get to sing, and packed up and left. I think the powwow committee didn't realize how alienated they made the other drums feel...


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              I know this guy who is jealous of some friends of mine who have a drum. I'm not bragging about it cause they're friends but you would just have to see it for yourselves how this guy acts when these guys are around. He knows he's not the center of attention all the time.


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                No jealousy up here in northern Minnsota between small singing groups and large singing groups.

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                  May be I should move up that way to avoid all the jealous people.


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                    There is not really jealousy here as much as there is alot of animosity amongst drums and dancers.
                    I am not talking about a big pow-wow circuit here, maybe 200-300 dancers and 20-30 drums which rarely get together, but in the immediate area where one sees pretty well the same drums and dancers all the time, there is a lot of indifference at times. Alot of that has to do with the overkill of blowing of whistles and fanning drums which gets way out of hand, the dancers like myself who were raised with the traditions, do not get involved and soon gossip starts and hard words are shared.
                    The more difficult issue of offenders dancing/singing and using pow-wows to fill their egos needs has been a real sore spot as most of the more well known but not necessarily well cultured dancers/singers are known and historical offenders whose offender mentalities cause alot of problems.
                    This is why I am so choosy about where I dance as it becomes very annoying to see these people all acting up every other weekend over and over. My experience is that they do not listen and they themselves do not go to many comp, pow-wows where they are nobodies because they do not get their needs met. The misuse the tradition I respect and regardless of what is told to them, they continue to act up week after week. This is the main reason I travel home more to attend the big comp. pow-wows where this does not happen. Another issue is women dancing on their time and men/youth smokin up and sancing/singing.



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                      I do think there is jealousy between drum groups and dancers at that. Powwows are great, one bad thing, the politics. let me say one thing " every star wil rise and fall" na wah!


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                        For once I have to agree with Kahkakew - and I think that is becoming a problem over the whole country. The same people whistle the drum over and over, every powwow.


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                          Jealousy period!
                          It's disheartening thing is to be at a powwow and catch wind of some of the immature controversial BS that goes on. It really bothers me because it goes against what I believe in. There is alot of pettiness out there and powwows, unfortunately, are not immune. I find this to be more prevalent at Contests and in that environment that smaller more tradish ones. I have not seen jealousy between drums firsthand, but that is because I am not a singer, I have seen it overall though, it really takes away from the powwow. I tend to steer away from the gossipy, critical types in general. I know why I am there, and try to keep on a good foot. If I am upset in general or having a bad day, I won't bring that into the circle. Another thing that someone touched on. It is so disappointing to be at a powwow and hear the dancers or singers going on about how drunk they got or what have you.
                          Well, I just wanted to say hi guys! I hope you don't mind me posting on your board.
                          Here I am complaining (being critical) about people who are negative! What irony!
                          I'll probably edit this, cuz I hate the feeling I get when I talk bad.
                          Keep dancing!

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