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    In regards to the ribbon shirt, turkey feather guys, I have no opinion of them except that they usually smell terrible. One of these guys sat down at the drum this past weekend and all he did was lip sync. He did smell.
    WaxeNuZhinga and SouthernSinger:
    I believe drunkedness at the drum is unacceptable and shows very little self respect. I also believe it is common sense not to come to the drum in this manner.


    The expressed opinions above are not particularly the opinions of the author's friends, family, or employer.
    The expressed opinions above are not particularly the opinions of the author's friends, family, or employer.


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      OLD MAN here. Here my two cents, ever though I don't Sing(YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!)
      All the above suggestions are good. I would add a couple more.

      If you are a guest drum be there on time. Trying to set up during the dance session is very disruptive.

      If you a singer, be on time. Tardiness with some singers seem to becoming a trademark. As a committee member. I would be hard pressed to ask that person to be a head singer, no matter how good he is.
      The OLD MAN


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        Old Man,

        It sounds like you are trying to say something to someone in particular




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          If the moccasin fits....learn from it.
          The OLD MAN


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            The head singer does not have to let a drunk singer to sit at a drum. To pose an interesting situation, suppose it is the head singer that is drunk. Know a few that committees have not asked back for this reason.

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              here i go again! heheh, I'm on a roll today. i don't drum, I don't sing in the women's line behind one either.. but here's a few things I have seen during the sets that have bothered me or I have made it a point to not dance when that drum plays.

              1)Alcohol... mentioned already and i refuse to dance to a drum who has it while they are sitted around it.

              2)Was taught when the drum is sitting in the playing position... no cursing, no smoking, no eating (mentioned) unless it is medically needed.throat soothers are fine, point made on that as well

              3)Women in daisy duke shorts and bikini tops and they should really consider losing about 100 pounds before doing this... while in the process of an Irish jig... NOT a pretty site.

              4)drummers and the female singers laughing and making jokes about specific dancers who may have just started and haven't had the thousands of dollars or the years of time it takes to build a nice set of dance clothes.

              5)those who are disrespectful to the elders. I have seen this more times then I can count.
              I did see one drum, i had goosebumps everywhere, an older man, about 60 was having a hard time breathing, the drummer got up from his chair and helped the man to the side of the ring, put him in that chair and went back to the drum and sat on his knees to play. that was beautiful! and yes, someone got the drummer another chair.

              6)lack of concern on the dancers part. a specific dance is called out, exp: grass dancers.. the song is going on and on... the dancers are starting to fall and the head singer sees this but doesn't not end the song.. hello?

              7) finally... lack of friendliness. here in Ohio, it seems to be a common place thing for the drum. Everything is done and over.. people want to thank the drums, shake their hands.. whatever they feel is needed and they get a back turned to their face...

              point is ... dancers can't... without the drum.... and the drum needs the dancers... it's the age old theory.. we all need each other, everything connects with everything regardless of tribe, color, teachings.
              drums who honor receive honor and those who do honor? I'll drive 6 hours to go where they are when there's another dance 1 hour from home but has a drum that doesn't.


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                DCP---dodn't know the reason why, My son sings and told me never to do that. I guess it is very bad manners. He won't be more specific. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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                  Just an interesting little thing I witnessed at the Comanche Nation Homecoming Powwow a few days ago. Apparently some younger guys on a guest drum were making fun of someone. One of the leaders in the community spoke vaguely about it the next day and made a $100 donation to “make it right.” He pointed out that the drum really did not come FROM the Comanche; it came TO them from another nation and they were obligated to take proper care of it.

                  He wanted the youngsters to understand how serious Comanche are about the drum and to make sure such behavior was put to rest so that bad feelings would not come if it. Interesting lesson in proper behavior, huh? Act like you would around your Grandparents! Dang, wish I had said that!

                  Peace PS: Hornet: I got in trouble for watching those awsome Indian babes too!


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