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  • Missing Napster???

    HI to everyone here,

    I have been missing Napster for some time. I have not found a site where I am able to find some quality tunes( of course I mean Drum!!!!:D )

    I am using a site called Morpheus, lots to trade but lacking in the powwow department.

    I was wondering if people are using another location to trade up some tunes???

    Let me know of any places....

    Maybe we can get things going on Morpheus,

    Let me know if there is anything else out there.
    I purchaced a Cedartree CD over the net and it cost me nearly $130.00 CDN. before i found there had been an error!!!!

    that's too much $$$. free trade baby!!!

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    Hey Mike try this site

    Go to the download button to get the program, search for whatever your looking for and request it.
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      I would have to recommend audio galaxy. I am in there quite often and most of the songs I request come up. Also, you can join different groups that share the type of music you would like. If they don't have it loaded, then chances are that they may have it at home and could load it for you. I also found that certain people are willing to burn and trade through the mail. You may want to join the groups: Native Trail, Native American Way, Native American Music, and Native American Singers and Much More. My name is also Native Lohaus on AG. Good Luck!


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        Same setup as Napster almost.

        They have music and movies. You can download a whole movie that is still in the theatres. Need a fast line tho. your talking 100meg or more per movie
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          Hey... i have a program called WinMX it is pretty good and it has ALOT of native stuff there..... it is

          the download is pretty quick too!

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            Does any one know if these sites can download powwow videos?
            just hangin'


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              I have downloaded video files from morpheus. but there are none out there to trade. that is the problem.
              Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


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                you might also try


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                  You can download napgator:) With this software you're able to use napster with no problem. Go to if you have any promblems PM me and I will lead you in the right direction. See ya later:Wave


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                    My brother-in-law was telling me about a site where you could trade/download music, video, documents, and pictures. I can't remember the name of it though.:33: :29: :wall: :3:
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                      Hi wyat:Wave

                      The website is called Morpheus. If you need more information PM me anytime. My brother's a computer freak:D See ya later:Wave


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                        I use two downloading software...Audiogalaxy and, with this site you can download movies, pictures, documents, and MUSIC....Check it out....I use it a lot....
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