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Guys from the Great Lakes

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    yes suh!

    I will Be there, dancing for sure, singing not sure of.(you know how it is)

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  • Optimus Prime
    hey blazin ojib are you going to sky dome? and with who?

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  • Kiwehnzii

    Singing for the people shouldn't be scarey.

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  • DCP
    My drum is Lakeside of Chicagoland- the southwesternmost stretches of the lakes.

    We don't contest.

    I sometimes sing with other Chicago-area drums.

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    started a topic Guys from the Great Lakes

    Guys from the Great Lakes

    Seems to me that everyone who posts their opinion in here are from all over turtle island, cool. I'm just interested in finding out who here is from the great lakes area. Represent yourself and your group if you can handle that! And, tell me who will be showing up at Skydome if yer not scared!!!!!:devil

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    much appreciated
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