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Whos your favorite up and coming drum group???

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  • Whos your favorite up and coming drum group???

    My favorite up and coming group

    Thunderhouse- these guys are good strong singers from arizona. havnt really heard of them travelling too much but when i did hear there was jamming!!! good sound guys

    Bull horn- these gys have a good sound from the blood rez, heard them up in frog lake a year ago and they was jamming. they have the comptempary style and tats good!!

    Eagle Flight- good stright singers and they sounded good up in schmitzun!!

    North Buffalo Cree- now these guys can jamm the straight sound and remind me of high noon. there young and good

    if you have any faortie up and coming groups post a reply ya know!!! peace


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    I have observed new drum groups for the past thirty years and new groups come and go and the ones that stay around are now mentioned by younger pow-wowers as old school, traditional, original, and such and so on. When actually some of us older pow-wowers know and remember when these mentioned old school, traditional, original drum groups were just beginning their drum groups. Sometimes new drum groups begin because of a falling out between members of a drum group because of various reasons either personal or professional because we as natives are like most human beings have our little disagreements. Sometimes a new drum group is an off-spring of an original group formed because of some disagreements. When I heard the term "new drum group" It made me think of a question," Do you mean the younger age drummers forming a drum group? or Do you mean a drum group that started as an off-spring from another drum group? or Do you mean a drum group that came from a traditional name and has changed its name in a traditional way what appears as a new drum group?" All of these can be considered a new drum group. I did not mean to insult your question because it is a good question. However, I thought I might ask because I know there are others who may have have had the same question that I had.

    As far as my selections for new drum group starting up by younger drummers I believe a Yakama-Puyallup tribe based group from Toppenish & Tacoma, WA. named "Wild Rose" is one of the best groups in the Pacific Northwest Pow-wow region. If you have not heard them then you have to hear them because their sound is a pretty good and they seem to have the support of many of the younger and older pow-wowers. I will only mention this group because some of my other new group selections are off-springs from other drum groups because of reasons I have mentioned above. AH-HO!
    Northwest MH


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      Awo Hali out of Norht Carolina and Kautahnoh Juniors are two excellent groups who ought to do a lot more travelling. These guys are good!



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        Native Thunder from Oglala Rez sound pretty good. . .don't know if they are all that new though.

        I like Tha Bucks (Milwaukee Bucks) sound. . .kind of lost a couple of singers but picked up some strong voices. I think they are sounding pretty good with a full crew.


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          Chi-Key_Wis Sons from the Lake of the Woods area are sounding sharp. With a full crew they can sure turn a pow wow around. They been spending there time at local traditional pow wows for the most part but expect them at contest pow wows soon. Better watch out for these guys. You all are the first to hear of them. Watch out!!!!:D


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            Drum groups...


            Well i do have to agree, that THUNDERHOUSE is great. They have alot of energy. We sat near them at Fort McDowell, and man! THey know how to sing. THey have high pitched voices that make you want to sing along with them, and it just gives you the chills.

            I also Think REDHORSE is just as good. There members are mostly teenagers, and thats what makes it better, they can make there voices high without hardly any effort. I love both drumgroups. I also like Redhorses side step songs.

            YOu both are very great. See you guys around AZ!!

            SOUTHERN STYOZ


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              "Wakinyan Hoksila" Thunder Boyz....they used to be Mystic River Jr.s....But they are three young boys and their dad and can realy sing...put most adults to shame
              (as he picks up a handfull of dirt and drops it) "Even this much land i will not sell"
              Tatanka Yotanka


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                my fav drums are...

                one of my favorite drums is GreyWolf Singers they are
                representing the Mississippi Band of Choctaw in Philadelphia,miss.They are really confedent when it comes to competing and I've known them for a long time and I sing with them sometimes.
                Caney Creek Singers from Conhatta,miss.I've also known Caney Creek singers for a long time 3yrs to be exact. And they have very nice voices.And as for as competing they are good.
                I went the a powwow and seen another group that i like called Little Soldier Creek.
                All these guys are cool to me!!!!
                -Lacey :Angel2 :Rainbow


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                  new drums on the rise is,pajagon jrz from bot,mad beavers from minneapolis,The Savz from nymore...........................................: p


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                    How about Hairy GEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!.............from Neebish AAAAYYYEEEE!


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                      Hey, Took a look! How about "Spotted Diiyosh" from Wisconsin?


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                        Ok, cut it out you guys, especially you Vince!

                        Your cutting into my stand up routine!



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                          Harry Pajog!!!!!!

                          Did you say stand up or stand out??????...........good thing there isn't an Ojibwe Moderater or we would all be off of this Thread!!!!.....AYE!

                          Ah Ho!!!.....Gii Baa Waa Ba min Mina wa Later!


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                            That spotted "Diiyous" from Wisc sounds like that Big Green Bay Packer fan Cheesehead From the Onedia Nation Artley Skenodore he's probally doing flips right now aftyer thier win today I'm sure I'll hear about it all POWWOW season from him and the boy"s


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                              New Drums to watch out for in 2002!!!!!!!

                              Here's a few I had the privillege and honor to hear in my travels last year.

                              "High Spirit" MT Pleasant Michigan.

                              "Mountain Soul" Alberta, heard them up in Onion Lake SASK, these boys are bad to the bone!!!!

                              "Southern Cree" Montana, these guy's were one of the invitves at Ann Arbor Mich last year.

                              "Eagle Flight" sang at the Skydome in Toronto liked thier old style straight songs

                              "Snake Island" these guys also sang at the Sky Dome in Toronto they gave me one of thier latest CD'S "WOW" if you like old style straight songs like me get thier tape.

                              "Moon Dwag" Southern Drum that set up at Mt Pleasant last they might have been a put togather drum but they sounded great.

                              that's just a few that I've heard during the last powwow season, would like to hear from others!!


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