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  • Friendly competition???

    Come on there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition among drum groups. After all most of all groups know and get along pretty well with eachother. There may be some exceptions but that just adds to the contest. Now I don't want to hear from you winer's about how "real powwow singing did not have contest, well yeah that was true then but not now. Thats how we battle now through singing against eachother. It is a battle, because your singing your best songs as perfect as you can and singing with your best singers. Yeah you win some and ofcourse you lose some no big deal. No one gets hurt you live to sing another day. Ofcourse every singer loves to just sing at any powwow contest or not. Drum contest Is not for everyone, all I'm saying is---its just a friendly competition. So southern against southern or Southern against Northern hey either way more better, I say the better the group the sweeter the victory!!!
    But hey don't take my words for it.

    Its just my thoughts,


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    I totally agree! Haven't been singing that long, but long enough to get a half way desent voice and learn quite a few kickin' songs. I'll just say a few years and a few drums under my belt.

    You hit on something when you mentioned the comraderie amongst the drum groups out there! Although we are different groups, sometimes different tribes, we are all brothers (and yes, we can't forget the sisters who sing back up). To compete is to become better. If you are gonna stay stagnant when you are content with how you sound, you should just stay on the back porch or garage. The way I look at it, I am not perfect. My drum group is not perfect. No one is perfect. We all have something to learn and eventually share. That is what happens at competitions. To see those guys like Cozad, Yellowhammer, Rose Hill and Young Bird kick out their best songs with their best voices and everything else merely provides great lessons for up and coming drum groups. I myself have yet to have the honor and privelege of singing with or even beside these guys. But, I would not be where I am today without observing, singing with and beside the guys here on the East Coast like Cedar Tree, Southern Suns, and Edisto River.

    Hey, a lot more goes on at competition Pow Wows besides the politics (if it happens). Plenty of learning and sharing goes on! I love to sing and at competition Pow Wows, those competition songs merely offer a handful or more songs to sing for a singer! Aho! Keep on singing! Keep on learning! Keep on sharing!


    ps. Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Taking care of buisness and responsibility.


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      AMEN LSS!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!


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        You know whats wrong. Is that back in the day there was no drum contest. Everybody used to sing at the middle drum. Today all the middle drum is, is for those singers that dont belong to a drum group. And thats just pretty sad. Now i cant say i dont belong to a drum group cause i do. I sing with many like southern thunder and sizzatail. The only bad thing is that not every drum is going to win at every powwow. There always somebody going to get there feelings hurt or something like that. Like the sayingl, you cant win them all. Thats the things wrong with competition. And that leads singers to not like each other and leads to singers starting to lose the whole concept of singing cause all they want to do is go sing at some drum contest. Dont forget why yall are singing. Your singing to god. All these songs have meanings. Your singing these songs to make people feel good. There might be somebody out there at the powwow in mourning or something and you sing that song and it lifts their spirits. Its too bad its just a competition now. Some of these people now just make songs just so they can put them on a tape. It takes me a long time to make a song.So Remember what your singing and making these songs for. Thank you.



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          Well put Old G! Well put!:clap:
          I hate to see the division due to competition happen. It makes me sick to my stomach and very uneasy!:guns: Please! Lets not forget why we sing!:NoNo



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            It really is heart-breaking to see the bummed out looks and even angry looks that the low or non-placing drums give after the announcements of winners.:(
            C'mon singers - listen to Old G.


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              Just like to say, that in todays world, it seems like there is no such thing as a friendly drum contest. Soon as the pow wow starts is seems like most of the singers in the contest dont even try to talk to each other. Some of the singers you will see still talking to each other...but for the most part, it's like a blood and guts knock down drag out. When all the top drums are there it's like a heavyweight fight. Only one will come out on top, then the rest are mad. Well can't include everyone on that, there are some "good sports" out there. But I've seen some pretty pissed off faces when the announcement of the winners comes around. You should be happy with whatever you get, no matter what place. I've won at all the drum contests I've participated in...1st, 2nd,'s all good. Just because you can win first somewhere doesn't mean your going to win 1st somewhere else. There is always going to be someone who wants the win more than you do...and most of the time who-ever wants the win the most will prevail. Let's try to get back in the mood of it being "all for fun", because it is. Winning a contest doesn't make you better than everyone else. It was just your day to win.


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                You win a few and lose alot...........Any drum or dancer, for that matter, who thinks they should win just because they showed up should probably stay in their little dog patch, where they ROCK and their fans know it. If you travel to where the big dogs sing and dance you are going to get beat. Not everyone can be a champion singer and dancer and where I come from they have a term called "Pleasure Singing and Dancing." These are people who don't contest but just sing and dance for the pure pleasure of it. Maybe some of these guys ought to be leaning in that direction... A boss once told me these three golden rules about business but it also applys to contest singing and dancing.

                1) This is not a democracy and not everyone gets a vote.
                2) Not everyone's vote counts the same.
                3) Life is not fair, whoever told you that lied to you.

                And as Forrest so appropriately put it "That is all I have to say about that...."

                "There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance in action."


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                  This thing yall call friendly competition. I agree with what some of yall said. A lot of people get mad these days. Probably just sore losers.But what it all depends on is who your judges are. There's always going to be judges out there that dont like you for some reason. And for that reason nobody is going to win everytime. Different people win at different times. I see these competition dances as a way to meet new people from all different. Like at red earth powwow i met a couple of new friends who im am very close now.Those are the bear creek boyz.I have something to say to all you dancers and singers. I have my own drum group now but i still sing with southern thunder. But heres what i want to say to you guys. If your always getting mad cause you dont win or you dont get first or something like that. Dont get into competition. Dance like the elders used to dance for the enjoyment. That way you cant lose or win but ou have a good time. That is all i want to say for now.



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                      Say that one more time OG!


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