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  • SKY-DOME Toronto - Bear Creek

    Kuei Everybody :)

    I was at the Pow Wow in Toronto this weekend, November 23-24-25 2001. That was my first time at this Sky-Dome Pow Wow! I can say that was amazing, wonderful!!! :p

    And the party on satruday with the native band was way CoOool.... the HORSESHOE party!! Greatie!!! Its always amazing to go somewhere when you are surrounded by gorgeous Native Men like that!! ;)

    :Help Talking about gorgeous :Bomb, I'm looking for this guy.... he was with the BEAR CREEK drum group.... on sunday he was wearing a FUBU 05 black shirt, with a black hat and gl***es. I think he was pretty handsome... mmmm :tongue......... :D So if someone knows who Am I talking about or if you read it FUBU05.... I would like to talk to you a bit, would be nice if you can email me back at : [email protected]

    CoOoOool.... :bouncy Hope to hear from you or from someone who knows him and was at the pow wow in toronto this weekend! :49:

    Walk Softly On Our Mother Earth ~ Cookie

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    Here I AM!!!!!

    :D well here i am i was at tha horshoe i figured i better write to see who this person is that is lookin for me well my e-mail is [email protected] drop me a line



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