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  • Pick Up Song?

    I don't mean to offend anyone with this post/question, but I must know who sings the/a southern Pick Up Song.

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    What the heck is that?



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      If you are referring to a song for picking up a dropped eagle feather, southern folks "typically" don't do that. However, I have seen southern-style drums in the north sing a veteran's song to take care of it. (But then again, I am in a very tribally-diverse area)
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        what the heck are u talkin about


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          Hornet, Keenest, I was referring to a song sang for when an Eagle Feather is dropped. I didn't know if southern drums sing songs for such occassions or not. I take it DCP answered my question. What other peoples take on this?


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            LSS: Most Southern Drums would sing it 2-4 2 push ups veterans
            song 4 push ups victory or another veterans song that's how we do it, if there is no northern drum to take care of that feather. I know some singers will sing the northern pick up song southern style, not sure what the words if any are in that song. lets hope no one puts there stuff on to kwik then we don't have to worry about that song. Good ?, nice to know some singers don't know so much that they are afraid to ask ?'s even on the internet.



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              Ooops!! My bad!!

              hehe...I thought you were talking about a '49 song for the young ladies!! ;) :Angel2 :blushing:
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                Nope, don't know too much. So, there is no one particular song out there that Southern Drum Groups sing. Hmmmmm, thats interesting. Thanks guy! Any other input out there?


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                  From what I have been taught and observed, southern people and traditions do not deal with a dropped feather in this manner. There are no true 'eagle feather pick up' songs in southern singing that I know of. As others have said, sometimes vet or victory songs are used for this if a drum is ask to sing one.

                  Obviously you either live up north or in an area that has been influenced by northern traditions. It is a good idea if your group is singing at a dance to find out from the committee how these things will be handled should the need arise. Even at the same dance this might be handled differently from year to year depending on who is on the head staff.

                  Hope that helps

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                    Hey PB49, Thanks for the tid-bit! That makes a lot of sense to ask the Committee. Can't believe I didn't think about that. But, oh well, now I know. To answer the question, I live in the northern part of NC. This is still considered the south by many, But, the reason I asked is because of the northern drum influence where I am from.


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                      Here in OK, Ive seen a few people drop feathers, and they just pick em up and keep on gettin' it. Now my bro's up in South Dakota do things differently. Sometimes if this occurs, a "pick up" song is sung, and whoever dropped the feather pays for the song (or sometimes another family member) .

                      If it is a big contest powwow, they may just sing this "pick-up " song once to cover any further incidents that may occur during the dance.

                      hope it helps......


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