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Different "Lakota Wapaha Olowan"-Sioux Flag Songs

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  • Different "Lakota Wapaha Olowan"-Sioux Flag Songs

    I was wondering how many their are. I can name a few. If you can reply with more, I'll appreciate it.

    -Tunkasilayapi ta wapaha kin Nawicinji na heya keya pelo
    Lakota Hoksila ta Waunyekin Maka ehan Kekin tehan najin ktelo
    (I have defended the presidents flag So they have said this Lakota Hoksila's flag will stand forever.)

    -Tunkasilayapi tamokoce kin tewahila na blihemicelo Tunkasilayapi ta wapah kin make ehan kekin hehan kini najin ktelo
    (United States of America, the country i love. I am couragous. USA its flag will forever remain standing til the end of the world.)

    -He unciyapi kin he wacnmaya ca, he wiyokihela kin wahanconka waye lo He hanniyan he milazota kahwog hwogya najin yelo.
    Canadian Sioux flag song.
    (That queen that depends on me I use that flag as a shield it allways stands drifting in the wind behind me.)
    :flag: :chief:
    (as he picks up a handfull of dirt and drops it) "Even this much land i will not sell"
    Tatanka Yotanka

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    Lakota Hoksila blihic’iyapo Mila Hanska kin tawapaha ca nayecijinpelo
    Ekta etonwan, Korea oyate kin nata au welo

    Indian boy do your duty, stick by the U.S. flag
    Look at it! The Koreans are changing.
    Flag Song

    Mila Hanska kin tawapaha kin Berlin ekta najin yelo
    Lakota Hoksila hena heconpe lo.

    The U.S. flag is standing in Berlin
    The indian boys did this.

    (he) unciyapi kin (he) wacinmaya ca (he) wiyokihela
    Wahancoka waye lo (he) hanniyan (he)
    milazota kahwog hwogya najin yelo

    That queen that depends upon me. I use that flag as a sheild.
    It always stands drifting in the wind before me.

    Tunkasilayapi tawapaha ki kowakata najin yelo
    Lakota hoksila kola hena ecunpelo

    Grandfathers flag stands across the seas
    Friend, the lakota boys have done this

    Tunkasilayapi tamakoce kin tewahila
    Na blihic’imiyelo
    Tunkasilayapi tawapaha kin Maka ihan keki
    Hehanya nanjin ktelo

    I love the U.S. and I am brave
    The flag of the U.S. will fly until the end of the world

    Tunkasilayapi tawapaha kin han
    Oihankesni he nanjin kte lo
    Iyohlate han oyate kin han
    Wicicagin kta ca lecamun welo

    The flag of the U.S. will stand forever
    Beneath it the people will grow
    Therefore I do this (honoring)

    These are mostly older songs. (I kinda have a collection)
    The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.


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      Pilamaya kola!

      I know all but two you mentioned......but hey thanks anyways.
      (as he picks up a handfull of dirt and drops it) "Even this much land i will not sell"
      Tatanka Yotanka


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        No problem, I only know 4 of them, one day I will find the person who can sing the other 2.
        The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.


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          Flag Song

          This one is in the Dakota dialect. Similar to one posted earlier. Found it on the internet while searching around for Earl Bullhead CD's

          Wapaha Odowan

          Tunkansidan yapi, tawapaha kin han. Owihanke sni he nazin kte do. Iyohdateya oyate kin han, wicicage kta ca, decamon wedo.

          The president’s flag will stand forever. Under it the people will grow, so I do this.
          You can't be a figment of my imagination, I do better work than that.


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