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Say a prayer for White Fish Jrs.

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  • Say a prayer for White Fish Jrs.

    Over this past weekend(Jan.5/6 2002) there was a terrible car accident that involved some of the members of White Fish Jrs.
    namely Percy and Jerry Dreaver and other family members, so please send your heart felt feelings and prayers to the Dreaver family and the others that were in this devestating accident.
    as of the time being 2 are on life support......
    so please any prayers will help.
    thx, freind of the famliy............................

    Sorry if this brought any of you down....................
    Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!

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    Anytime these things happen it puts our pow-wow family together in prayer and all of us that enjoy their music, like myself, hope things get better. A-ho
    Northwest MH


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      my thoughts are with the Dreaver boys but Native Diva can you be more specific.......Are the two on life support Jerry and Percy??
      If you know it would be of help and maybe it will keep the rumors to a minimum............................did anyone hear about an accident involving the smoke dance singer from schemitz?? Thanks for any help


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        My prayers go out to all those involved as well as their families. Thank you for posting.


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          My prayers go out to the Dreaver family. I will let the boys around the way know of this. Thank you, Native Diva.

          Any more details would very much be appreciated - only to get the facts straight.
          Everything is gonna be alright!

          Be blessed - got love???

          This b me.....


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            To answer questions on the conditions, I am not 4 certain but I do beleive Jerry and Percy both are on life support. I have family there now in Saskatoon with the rest of the family, so when I hear more I will tell more.
            I really appreciate your responses and keep praying...............
            for all that are injured
            These boys are excellent singers and we would like 4 them to over come this tragedy.

            It was a head on collision and the boys&family were on there way to a round dance in Beardy's.
            Sorry that is all I know 4 now.
            Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!


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              Our prayers to Dreaver Family. Thanks Native Diva for posting. Keep us posted on their condition.


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                Native-Diva, and others!

                Here's what was sent to me by last night, this is all I know at this point!

                Hello everyone:
                I have some bad news, Harvey's family has had a major accident in the family. Jerry, Michael, Lenny, Percy,Shawn, and two of Harvey's sister in-laws have been in a major head on collision outside of Beardy's reserve near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We will be flying out of Windsor this evening @ 5:00pm to be with the family, as of now they are all in serious intensive care at the university hospital in saskatoon. Harvey and his dad had to make two major decisions this morning. Two of his brothers needed their legs amputed. As of right now we will be gone for a week.

                Please keep The Dreaver family in your prayers.

                Sincerely, Marie and Harvey Dreaver


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                  Thank you Took a Look........
                  Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!


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                    Thank you Take a look and Native Diva - we will be praying for them - such sad news.
                    Everything is gonna be alright!

                    Be blessed - got love???

                    This b me.....



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                      No rumors please

                      This is a very serious situation. Rumors can get started. Please do not post unless there is a certainty.

                      NATIVE DIVA has a full grasp on what is unfolding in Saskatchewan. Please, wait to recieve updates from her on any changing conditions.

                      The Whitefish jrs. are well-respected and their music is an inspiration to many. People are all hoping/praying that this tragedy is something that this family will overcome.

                      NATIVE DIVA - Could you find out if there is a contact in Saskatchewan where people could send their well-wishes and post it when you are able to? I'm sure the family would find it comforting in knowing that they are not alone.


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                        Thanks for the information...everyone.

                        I am stunned and saddened beyond words!

                        This family is loved by so many....I have to believe the power of many prayers will help everyone through....

                        Hard to know what to say.....

                        Please keep us posted....



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                          Thank You Kiwehnzi for your input. I will post later this evening when I hear from my family. From what I know as well is Jerry had some injuries to his I am also praying, it is just to close to home. Any accident is a sad situation.

                          Thx for all your prayers
                          Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!


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                            For all those that were interested and have been curious to the conditions of the family members / singers of White Fish Jrs. I have some information on there health.
                            There were a total of 7 people in the vehicle (van) that was headed to Round Dances in Beardy's. The 7 members were.......
                            Percy Dreaver, Jerry Dreaver, Michael Dreaver, Lenny Dreaver, Shawn McAdam, and two-wives, Rhonda and Serina. It was a head on collision that created the accident. This accident (at this time ) left Shawn with a broken leg and shattered ankle. Lenny with broken ribs, Michael with a broken hip. Earlier today Michael had surgery done on his hip which led him to recieve a rod in his hip. Jerry (not on life support) had surgery on his legs they do not know the out come at this time he is in recovery and responsive. The 2 women in the vehicle were Serina (Percy's wife) who has a broken leg, jaw, and both arms(were broken) had surgery on them today.Rhonda (cousin) had facial injuries, she was 9mos. pregnant, and the Dr's were able to save the baby (thankfully).
                            And as for Percy's condition he unfortunatly had the worst in this whole tragedy. He is living off of life support and not responsive. Apparently the Dr's choose to leave him on the support due to Fluid on his lungs,broken jaw, and some head injuries. Thanks to the creator he gave all these people a chance to be in there stable conditions, and as for Percy's condition the family are all still scared of what the outcome may be. So please keep praying for all of them, especially Percy.
                            And unfortunatly the person that was in the other vehicle had passed away @ the scene. The family did not know if he was intoxicated or asleep at the time. But prayers should go out to him and his family as well.
                            On behalf of the family I would thank everyone of you for your emails / replies to this tragedy, not only because they were from a popular talented drum group, but because of who they are as native people.

                            Sincerely, the Dreaver's and family freind
                            Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!


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                              I would also like to post that if any of you that are interested in sending the boys any get well cards, flowers, etc. You can send it to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon,SK
                              Note: only Jerry, Percy, and Michael are located at this hospital.

                              I am not certain on where the other 4 are located (hosp.) so I will reply later with more info.

                              Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!
                              Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!


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