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Say a prayer for White Fish Jrs.

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    My Heart and Prayer's goes out to the Family



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      White Fish Jr.s are in my mothers and my heart tonight. Well will sing prayer songs for them untill we hear they are well. For you NAC people please pray for them in the tipis this weekend.
      If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
      Also forgive me, this system does not have a spell check so forgive the bad spelling


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        My heart and prayers go out to the Dreaver family during this time of suffering. I know about being hit head on.....I was lucky enough to walk away without any major injuries though.


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          My heart goes out to the Dreaver Family. May the Creator be with them in their time of need. This such a sad thing.


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            Our prayers go out to them as well.
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              I can't believe what has happened. It makes me very sad to know this. I prayed last night and will continue to pray for this family. This family is very special to me. THey are my little girls relatives. These boys stayed with me and my ex (now) a couple of years ago and they are perfect gentlemen. Percy was always the funny one he could make you laugh all the time. He's so funny. Jerry has a beautiful voice. I love one of his Chicken Dance songs he sings. It's awesome. These guys are like family to me and I hope that everything will get better.
              Get up and get out!


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                Much despair for the Dreaver family. Not Much else can be said, just that everyone in pow-wow land feels the pain. Best wishes for the family.



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                  Well i dont know where to start this....its hard to see some of the greatest guys and the greatest song makers like this.when i first heard of this i was shock and confused about everything. right now i still cant believe this has happen to these fine group opf singers and tihs family.The dreaver family. all i can do is pray for them and hope to god that they well come out of this. so im sorry to to hear this and myparyers go out to the dreavers.


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                    :( I have some more information on the this time Jerry, Michael,Serina,Lenny,Shawn,Rhonda & (Dale-who was in the crash but walked away with small injuries) are all recovering from there injuries, but taking time to heal they are all still very weak. Unfortunatly how ever Percy is still not comming out of it. The Dr's had asked the family if they would like to take him off of support, but with the faith they have and prayers they receive from people all over Indian Country are continuing to help him fight for his life. Percy is a very talented person as well as many singers in the powwow world, he comes from a family of 14 and has created a beautiful family of his own with his wife Serina. He is loved by many and we hope and continue to pray for his young life.

                    If any of you want to send the boys anything to the hospitals where they are located please send them to :
                    Royal University Hosp.
                    103 Hospital Dr.
                    Note : this is where Jerry(rm#631) , Michael(rm#6323), Percy(I.C.U)& Serina,and Rhonda are located.

                    Victoria Hospital
                    1200 24th st. w.
                    Prince Albert, SK.
                    Note: This hospital is where Lenny Dreaver (rm#427), and Shawn(rm#406) are located.

                    Again thank you for any help and Prayers that can help them thru this tragedy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Family Friend
                    Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!


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                      Thank you so much for posting this info, Native Diva!! That has been the biggest question from the many people that I tell - they want to know where they could send something. We will continue to keep this family in our prayers.
                      Everything is gonna be alright!

                      Be blessed - got love???

                      This b me.....



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                        I have some sad news for all of you. Early this morning sometime after 12:00 a.m. on January 9th, 2002 Percy Dreaver had passed away in Royal Canadian Hosp. Saskatoon,SK. This is a sad situation for the family. I do not have much to say at this time.......I will let all of you know more information later this evening on where they will be handling the funeral services. But at this time the family are mourning the death of Percy Dreaver.

                        Percy was in his mid-twenties, with young children with his wife Serina. I hope and pray that these children will always grow up with knowing that there father was a great person, not only to the family but to the powwow world.

                        Please if you have any positive thoughts that you can share about Percy please post them. He should be remembered that way.And for those that may not have known him personally.

                        Thankyou all for your prayers & thoughts............................

                        Family Friend..................
                        Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!


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                          A very sad day

                          I t is a very sad day, not only for the immediate family but also the family on the trail. We grieve with the family. He has left a legacy of song. He sang year round. In the warm months, powwow songs. In the winter, Round dance.

                          The Dreaver family is in our prayers.

                          Baa maa pii G'Waabmin, Percy



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                            I will miss you Gi-Zhon!!!! (I forgot how he spelled it. I hope that's close to the sound.)
                            Get up and get out!


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                              SAD DAY FOR A POPULAR SINGER

                              I remember Percy at Schemitzun one year he was at the drum watching men's traditional and he was so into it he was literally dancing at the drum. We recorded him on video tape, when we got home we all sat around the T.V. and showed him. We all laughed. My sister asked him if he had the urge to dance would he ? He said " If I could get a decent outfit I would."

                              I thank now he is dancing above us watching over his family. He will always be in our hearts and thoughts. I have many memories of him and the boys always acting silly and just being happy. And I will always remember that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!


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                                thought and prayers go out to the Dreaver family.
                                it is always hard for us to accept that people have duties in other places, it is all up to the Creator. may Percy go in peace............


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