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    when i heard about this tragedy i was very sad to hear
    that it happened and that in the wake of the accident someone
    had to leave, i am expressing my condolences to the Dreaver family and all that have been affected by this tragedy. I was recently at a round dance in Onion Lake Sask, and some of those boys were there and i was like "dang......someday ill sing like that, crisp!..." Those boys are some of the best Round Dance singers out there....The Whitefish Jrs singers have been one of my favourite singers since i have been singin, and thier songs make me feel good about myself and beein Cree....but anyways, even though i didnt know Percy himself, i send my condolences to the family and friends and hope that they will pull through. My prayers are with you all. nikahkesimostematin



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      The singers of Owashtinong Chung a ming have asked me to post a message expressing their sincere heart felt condolences to the Dreaver family and the rest of the drum for their loss.

      The members of the drum also hope for the best for the other people involved in the accident, knowing their hearts will take much longer to heal than their bodies.

      If the services have not occured yet, Owashtinong would like to know where to send flowers.

      As for me, I am so very sorry. Please know that the family is in our thoughts and prayer at this time. This tragedy has affected the entire pow wow family from coast to coast.
      I am who I am. No more, no less.


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        My Condolences.

        I've been reading about this here for the past several days. My condolences to the families and friends of Percy Dreaver.

        I had a chance to meet and visit with Whitefish Jrs. back in the early nineties, and hadn't seen them very much in a long time since. Was able to watch them sing quite a bit at this past Schemitz though. Myself, I've been losing a lot of people around me these past several of months as well, so to hear about this happening, hits home in a too familiar way and strikes a close and weary chord.

        Again, my condolences, comforts, and prayers to the families and friends of Percy Dreaver. My crew will have you and yours in our thoughts and prayers as we hit the road to sing in the coming weeks and months. >>>------->S.


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          i had just heard of this today...i dont know what to think...i'm sad and feel like crying, these singers have always made my heart dance and when they sang, they sang with all there hearts and as a dancer when your feel that, it gives a very light feeling to ones feet, i grew up listening to my female cousins ooo and aaah over these guys' voices, and i too became a fan...the jacksons here in mn (clara selma norma pamela helen) and the new generation, would like to offer our consolences...we know the feeling and we'll pray to creator to give you all strength, esp. the children...mi-iw mininkwaaikadooyan miigwetch bizindawiyeg...
          There can only be 2 moccasins on your feet at one time...however life has given me many pair...along with a needle, thread and really sharp teeth to cut with...lmao


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            On behalf of Stoney Creek (NC), I would like to send the Dreaver family our thoughts and prayers in this time of sadness. We will continue to pray for strength for the family and health for the others involved in the accident.

            Stoney Creek Singers
            North Carolina



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              The members of Bear Creek would like to send our sincere condolences to the White Fish Jr Drum, and their families.

              We'd also like to say that Percy will be missed not only by us but, dancers, and everyone who has ever heard a song composed by him. We never knew Percy as well as we know some of their other singers, but he was respected by all of us around our drum.

              Our thoughts and prayers are with the jrs.



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                On January 9th 1980, my family suffered the loss of a brother also, so knowing exactly what the Dreaver family is going thru, my family offers our condolences as we also mourn with you, as 22 years later we are still feeling the pain.

                We are honored to have known the Dreaver Boys and to have heard them sing throughout powwow country. The Jrs sing my favorite jingle dress song and just hearing that song makes me feel good. So i thank you guys for giving out those good feelings and in return i would like to offer my families support so in the future you may feel those good feelings.

                wa?yok^nole thet^
                Yesterday it rained
                Tomorrow the sun will shine

                lotolish^ he is resting....
                RIP Percy

                Much Love,


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                  Hozhogoo Nashaa doo


                  A prayer for the Whitefish Jrs drum group and the families. Along with Nezbah, Nightimesun and Mystikal NationI also wish to express my sincere condolensces at this time.

                  and give you this prayer:

                  Hozhogoo Nashaa doo

                  Shi 'sii Hozhogoo Nashaa doo
                  Shikeedee Hozhogoo Nashaa doo
                  Shideigi Hozhogoo Nashaa doo
                  T'aa altso shinnagoo Hozhogoo Nashaa doo
                  Hozhoo nahasdlii
                  Hozhoo nahasdlii
                  Hozhoo nahasdlii
                  Hozhoo nahasdlii

                  In Beauty I Walk

                  With Beauty before me I walk
                  With Beauty behind me I walk
                  With Beauty beside me I walk
                  With Beauty around me I walk
                  It has become Beauty again
                  It has become Beauty again
                  It has become Beauty again
                  It has become Beauty again
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                  Hey... I'd rather be round dancin..



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                    Our Condolences

                    On behalf of "Callin' Eagle" singers from Northern Az. we wish to express our condolences to the Dreaver Family. Callin' Eagle is a youth drum and have learned alot of Whitefish Jrs. songs. They talk around the drum proudly of them. They (Whitefish Jrs.) have and will continue to be great role models from our upcoming youth in the Powwow world.
                    Our greatest sympathy to the Dreaver Family.....
                    Rest in peace Percy.

                    Powwow Mom from Callin' Eagle (Az.)
                    Happy Trails!....


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                      In memory of Percy Dreaver

                      I haven't been on since last week. And it is nice to hear everyone send there condolences and prayers. My family had heard from Harvey on Sunday. He said that there were atleast over 1500 there at the funeral. Harvey and his family made it thru by being strong and realizing how many people enjoyed them as friends and as a group. He said to thank all of you as he has throughout the duration of the postings.

                      Harvey and the boys (Whitefish Jrs.) have always tried to bring the group into the powwow world in the "right way". Harvey is a humble person with alot of respect towards everyone he meets for as long as I've known him he has never been disrespectful even during times that "I" thought were bad for him. He tries to influence his singers the same way. There are alot of politics out there and during certain times there has been some people posting some awful thangs about him or the group on here I am not saying that they are angels, but they have respect. I know that there were times when one of his singers would get out of line by doing some thangs that are not resepectable in the powwow world. Harvey would confront them and try to help them if he felt that person needed it. And Harvey would let them know how he felt. Percy was this same way. Percy was a very loving person who saw thangs similarly. I hope that some day that his kids will grow up knowing this same teaching and respect as there father (Percy) was, and how there uncles are. I am sure that Harvey and the rest of the family will see to it !!!!!!!!!!

                      Later this evening we are to hear from Harvey & Marie again. They are tryin to get an account started for any of those that want to help them in this tragedy. I will keep you posted to any info. I receive......................take care...........
                      Peace , love, and frybread Grease !!!!


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                        It has taken me this long to even try to find any words to express how I am feeling. I still haven't found them. The ache in my heart is too great, and there are no words for that.
                        Just let me say, Percy will be missed as much as he was loved and respected. Such a unique heart will not be forgotten.

                        To the White Fish Jrs. and the Dreaver family.
                        You all are in my heart and my prayers. May you find peace and comfort in your memories and hearts.
                        "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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                          Thank you....

                          Native Diva....again, for your posts! We all appreciate so much your continuous communication regarding this beloved family! I know it has to be a very difficult time for you as well...yet you keep thinking about updating all of us. Your messages mean a great deal to so many people....

                          I was wondering how the rest of the family who were injured are doing? I hope and pray they are recovering well! Has anyone been discharged from the hospital yet?

                          Thanks again....



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                            Native Diva, as my family and drum continue to pray for the Dreaver family, I am also saying a special prayer for you. Thank you for keeping us updated.
                            Everything is gonna be alright!

                            Be blessed - got love???

                            This b me.....



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                              The Blue Lake Singers would like to send its heart felt wishes and prayers to the Dreaver and White Fish Jr family. As a memeber of Bluelake we all have had the chance to learn and hear the wonderful songs of White Fish Jrs. No words can describe how much respect, admiration and love we have for the White Fish Jrs and Dreaver family. They serve as role models for the younger guys we have on our drum(including myself). The voice and the smiling face of Percy will be missed but memories and songs will live on forever.
                              White Fish Jrs are my fav. drum group and will always be. I can not remember a more happy moment than when I sat down and sung with these guys, It was like living a dream come true for me personal. They are all humble and respectful and might i add funny.
                              On behalf of Blue Lake,
                              Don Lyons


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                                Information concerning the Dreaver family

                                I just wanted to make some of the information Native Diva had a little more accurate. I am a close friend of the family and I had been at the hospital for most of that time. Firstly, there were eight people who were in the van at the time of the accident. The driver of the other vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. They were on their way to Saskatoon round-dance and were then going to keep on going to Beardy's round-dance. These were the four Dreaver brothers who were involved in the accident: Jerry, Lenny, Michael and Percy. Percy's wife Serena was also in the van. Sean M., Dale W. and his wife Rhonda were all present. Jerry suffered 2 broken legs, Lenny had fractured ribs and a bruised lung, Michael suffered a broken leg, Percy suffered 2 broken legs. Percy's wife Serena has a broken leg, and two broken arms. Dale broke his leg and I believe Rhonda broke both her arms. Rhonda gave birth (by emergency C-section) to a healthy baby boy! Only Percy was on life support for a time, and resulting from complication due to his broken legs, Percy passed away on January 9th, 2002. I hope I have clarified some of the information that some of the people had about what happened and to whom... Presently, everybody but Serena and Jerry have been released from the hospital(s). Although, most of those involved in the accident still need prayer for healing, emotionally as well as physically. (Especially Serena) I hope nobody in the family will object to my posting this information, but I thought it would help ease the rumours and the snowball effects partial infomation causes... Thanks Native Diva


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