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New pow-wow c.d's?!?!

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  • New pow-wow c.d's?!?!

    It's been a long time since I heard a quality c.d from someone different. I was wondering if there's any new ones out there that anyone would recommend.

    Personally I like contempt stuff, but I can appreciate a good c.d when i hear one. So don't be shy with the old style and southern recommendations.

    Help me out, I'm sure that more people than me are wondering....



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    Whitetail Cree has a good one. Red Rock is the label. I bought it from the producer's friend, so I can't tell you where to buy it.
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      hmm, i like eyabay's eternal e and smokeytown's live at lco. there on rez cue records. thought the actual recording for smokeytown's was a step up for rez cue or creative native. usually, the quality is lacking with their recordings but getting better.


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        What about Bear Creek didn't they come out with a new C.D.? That should be pretty good.:Chatter


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          You may want to check out this site

          There are alot of artists and groups listed there.

          Also good round dance songs!! (or course I may be prejudiced, right Delia? ;) )
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            I just picked up B.C.'s C.d. and it sounds pretty good.


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              a tight cd

              How 'bout DOWN FOR LIFE its northern and southern songs by YOUNGBIRD and THA BOYZ.



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                double platinum its got northern cree and youngbird on it


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                  A Keen NDN CD

                  A keen CD to add to your collection would be "Change of Life" By YOUNGBIRD---this CD is nominated for a grammy for 2002---its on the Canyon Record label----Just too Keen


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                    Yeah I heard in the summer that Northern Cree and Youngbird were gonna come out with a C.D.. Were do would I find it, "the keenest"?? And aboot that Bear Creek C.D "Big Chocolate Tunder", where did you pick that one up??? I wouldn't mind getting one from them but I don't see them around that much.

                    Meegwetch for the replies everyone...... :Thumbs


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                      i guess wherever they sell indian music its out now though
                      its called double platunium its pretty good


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                        I bought from this craft booth lady @ Skydome.
                        Happy hunting!!@


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                          Whitetail Cree

                          The Whitetail Cree Cd that DCP mentioned is indeed a very good recording. You can see the cd cover, a grouip picture, and listen to snippets of the songs at .

                          This is one of the better northern powwow cds I have heard recently.

                          Also, Red Rock Music also has a newer cd out - Snake Island Singer "Out of the Blue". Also a pretty good recording.

                          Does anyone know if Indian House has any new northern stuff out? I checked their web page, and it hasn't been updated in quite a while.



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                            I know that Indian House at least has a (relatively) new High Noon recording. It's called Live at Taos 2000. It's different from their previous recording with Indian House called Live at Taos. Call them and they'll send you a catalog.

                            Kool B


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                              Good deal. I know they had been putting some stuff out (mostly southern, recently) but not being on a maiing list and not being able to see an updated website sorta keeps me out of the loop. Do you know anything about the High Noon recording? Any good, or better/otherwise than rest?



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