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  • Ojibway Hand Drum Songs

    My sons and I are great fans of the Cree style of hand drumming that has swept the powwow circuit throughout North America.
    But I am wondering what everyone's take is on Ojibway hand drum songs?
    In our group, there are some who feel that Ojibways should sing side step songs on hand drums and some others feel round dance or 49'ers are the way to go.
    What is everyone's opinion on this issue?
    Personally, I think round dance/49'ers are the way to go and side step belongs to the big drum. But thats just my opinion.
    What does everyone else think?
    You can't have a powwow without a drum!

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    theres different songs for different reasons some are made for handrum some are made for big drums and some are for social uses its up to the drum to sing the right ones on the right drum


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      good question there native.

      Ive heard a few Shinaab drums like Kingbird, Battle River and Little Otter and Menom's too like Smokeytown sing side step songs on hand drums and sound cho

      But Cree style sounds good too, especially on handrums. Its good to have a mixx, but hand game songs are sung on hand drums too.

      Your right about the origin of the the womens songs though. Suprised me cuz not too many folk know the old ways and remember the tradish songs the way old fellers would sing them after big drum ceremony.

      dont get caught up in that Mickey Mouse beat

      peace :guns:
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        Yeah i have to agree wit JT (sounds like hes from wisconsin)

        Different songs , different uses and origins, its up to the drum to know what they are doing and singing.

        I do like the round dance on had drums and I think Battle riv was the first to liven it up that way over at schemtitz a couple years ago.

        But then singing them womens songs on the big drum for a good 49 contest (Ojib-Menom territiry) really gets things movin'
        True to my word.


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          49 songs belong on car hoods right? *lol*

          i agree with battleriver



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            Your right a good 49 song belongs on the car hood!!!!!!!.....and the last time I heard Battlle River singing one from the Hood of a car the words were.........


            Last Saturday, here in Bemidji MN, at the University we had a few of our Tribal members from Redlake, Leech lake, and Millie Lacs sing some ojibwe hand drum songs and it was great to hear these boys sing our Traditional Women Dance songs. The Elders that attended were glad to hear these songs sung that they haven't heard in a long time reminding them of the give away, round dance, thank you, and women dance songs of the Ojibwe.

            I agree with Battleriversav, that these songs are to be sung on different drums for different reasons and it's up to that Drum.

            Have a good one!!!!!.......and you Singers have all of my repect were ever you hail from.


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              It doesn't matter to me. If your a First Nations person, its natural for us to share the different styles of music we have.

              When it comes to a singing contest however I feel that the cree style and ojibway round dance styles should be separated. They did a good job at it last year at Schemitzun (except for the OJibway drum groups only). Both styles should be open to everybody but in separate categories at a singing contest.


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