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  • drumsticks

    What is the best way to make a drumstick?

    I have seen everything from solid duct tape covered with leather, ripped tshirts covered with leather, funky looking flat ones made of leather, fur covered, angora covered, etc....

    What is your best method?

    If this was already posted please let me know where, thanks.
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    have someone else makem is my best way
    john arkeketa


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      You can't have a powwow without a drum!


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        Buy the premade ones. They're fiberglass rods with foam on both ends. You can then tape down the ends with electrical tape to make them as hard and heavy as you want the stick to be. Cover the ends with leather or maybe some type of thin carpet (leather tends to make a slapping sound on the drum-not good). Decorate (or don't decorate) the fiberglass rod and you've got a drum stick. You can get the sticks for about 10-12 bucks. If you don't like the premade ones you can always go buy your own fiberglass rods or even use fishing pole (if you like a flexible stick). Wrap the ends with a towel or some sort of soft cloth to build up the diameter. Tape it up, cover it, and you're good to go.

        Kool B


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          I seen some nice ones out there and thinking about buying one for myself. The ones I've seen out there are fiberglass rods and are nice and light.
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            I use the flexible fiberglass rods from Crazy Crow or one of the other catalogs. At $1.50 each, you can't beat the quality.

            For the grip, I start with a piece of pressure hose (sink quality, its cheap) that just slips over the rod. This widens the stick, is slighly giving to pressure, and shifts the weight into your hand. I cover this with a few layers of felt. A few drops of contact cement keeps the felt in place. Sometimes I will wrap some thread around the felt as well. Nothing heavy, just a few wraps up and down the felt to hold it in place. Then cover with leather.

            It is imporant to size the grip to the person using it if they have very small or very large hands.

            For the head, I cut felt into a truncated right triangle, . I coat the head of the stick with contact cement and then carefully wrap the felt on the stick when the cement is tacky. When the shape is how I like it, then I wrap lightly with thread to hold it in place and then cover with leather. If you like a heavier stiffer head, then you can use contact cement over the entire felt surface before wrapping. It seems to work better than duct tape.


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              go but a bicycle flag from walmart for the rods
              $3-4 will get you a good three sticks worth...four if you make em short

              for the heads...ace bandages and duct tape
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                the old way

                willow sticks green, soft leather, pond catails, from late summer, one needle, some sinew, you got drumsticks..
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                  what more do i have to do?! i make sticks for the whole drum and you're not happy with them?? sure the felt all ripped off, i swear i'll repair them. i do my best for you! when will i ever make you happy?!?!
                  :( :Cry :Cry


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                    how the hell did you get that high karma?!


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                      I usually like using Pearl or Tama sticks....sounds good on my cymbals. hoka


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                        Our guys use reflectors( $2 or $3 at walmart) cut to the desired length, put some contact cement on the places that you are going to wrap with yarn, wrap the head with yarn to the thickness that you want, then cover with leather ( take the leather and cut to perfect size in diameter and sew inside out then turn right side out., same for the handle. Seal the leather lip with sinew. Hard to explain, wish we could draw a pic so you'd have a better understanding on how it's done.
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                          Drum sticks

                          What color are the sticks. due you have a picture. I will need approx 8 sticks. How Much?

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                            How long? What kind of leather/ color of leather? We use electrical tape for decoration. What color electrical tape? Then I can give you as price range. How much you willing to pay for 8 sticks?
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                              About $20 per stick this includes shippimg to Jersey. But we might be able to talk. PM Me.
                              What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!!!!


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