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    hey gahzun-

    pearl or tama? i say blah. i'll stick with my pro-marks and firths. that's where the goods are at!


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      The best sticks arent made, they are, waite a sec. Sorry. The best stcks are fiberglass. Handle duct tape, wrapped like the duct tape...heads must be hard or soft according to the sounds of your drum. Sorry man, if you want em to sound good its gona take some tiral and error. And if your really really lazy, try e-bay. lol
      Only God can Judge Me


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        She:kon onkwehonwe, Greetings Native people, I make my own. I've made one from a piece of deadfall from the wilds of prospect park here in Brooklyn NY, I wrapped the head with some tobacco colored deer suede then covered that ball of suede with a square of the same suede, took another piece and glued and wrapped around the handle and purposely left the suede much longer than the handle to fringe it which I then put red white and blue pony beads on each fringe, yu can see an old picture of it before the fringe on my web page at My page

        I also made one from an air dried Deer leg wrapped with a grayish white deer suede ball and square of the same suede over the ball. when time permits I'll make a few more of these as I still have 5 deer legs in the yard drying.

        o:nen ki' wahi' Bye for now


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          my dad uses fiber glass rods...and he varies with the head of the drum stick depending on the hide of the drum how many singers and type of sound they want to achieve (or so he says)...But the really coo idea that he came up with for the handle is go to a sporting goods store and get those tennis handles...(i think that's what he said) or those rubber wraps that they also use for tennis, baseball bats and what not....He says they're pretty comfortable. As for those coo designs...either tape or threadwrapping!!!


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            there are quite a few people that use those tennis wraps, nice grip and cheap as hell too. like $2 something for 3 of them at walmart. ive made a few with those and was surprised when ive seen others with them too. they are nice like that though.


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