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    the topic of Cree style round dance singing has come up
    so i gonna ask you all who is your favorite round dance group or singers? Personally here in the alberta/sask area, where the round dance has originated from there are many many singers and groups that can jus put a smile on your face with the singing that they do. In these areas i guess we are a little spoiled with the amount of round dances that go on in this area. On any given weekend throughout the winter there will be 3-4 different round dances with 20-25 lead singers a night. A few of my favorites are, Gordon Mcgilvery, Arnold Pete, Irvin Waskewitch, Art Moosomin, Clayton Chief, Delia Waskewitch, and some of the groups out there are Northern Cree, Little Island Cree, Mosquito Singers, Whitefish Jrs. all of these groups can jam! Whos the best non-Cree group out there that can jam these tunes.....Blacklodge comes the closest.....also i have noticed that this type of singing has spread out from here to other parts of the country and the US. So other ppls might be aware of some great round dance singers that i am not........

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    Kewl question! I LOVE good round dance songs!! Right now

    I'm HOOKED on Red Bull's 1998 c.d - Schemitzun hand drum

    champions. Dang EVERY song is out of this world... They still

    make my feet dance even though I've heard it about 300 times.


    And yes, for non-Crees Black Lodge has the closest sound.

    But nothing can beat being there in person.

    just hangin'


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      Well...some of the most popular round dance singers to me are...Art Moosomin, Clayton Chief, Mervin Dreaver, Arnold Pete, Marc Long John, Randy Paskimin,Terry Paskimin, Harvey Dreaver, The Late Percy Dreaver(RIP), theres alot of other good lead singers out there but i cant think of there names!! the groups are Red Bull, Little Island Cree,Whitefish jrs, Blackstone,and blacklodge. good ladies singers....Delia Washawitch, Wendy Singer, the paskimin girls, once again cant really remember there names but there out there...round dance singing is one of my favorites style of singing. Ive been to a couple of round dances up in sask and there were off the hook...watching some of the best singers just having fun and everyone was such a awsome feelin!! cant wait until i get to go to a round dance!! Keep up the good singing!!!


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        Well, I am 100% Blackfoot/Blackfeet and I come from a very proud nation. I know you don't have to be CREE to be a so called "awesome" round dance singer. My grandfather taught many, many, many, many cree lead singers how to sing. He was a very culturally strong person and he made sure we knew our culture very well. Yes, some CREE singers sing okay, but lets all stand up and bow to Black Lodge!!!!!!! Way to go on the grammy nominations Alg!!!! Remember boys, winning isn't everything, it's the ride there that counts!!!!.....One last question......HOW MANY CREE DRUMS WERE NOMINATED FOR GRAMMYS? :Angel2


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          RED BULL , Blackstone, Northern Cree, Whitefish Jrs are some of my favorite groups who sing round dance songs.
          Sallie D


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            OK yes, perhaps Crees don't have to be the 'be all and end all' of round dance singers , and Black Lodge is a good drum group, but in my OPINION, their round dance style and songs don't beat some of the groups I hear around here. It has nothing to do with the tribe, just a difference in sound and songs. Should anyone 'bow' to any other group?
            Let's be humble here.
            As for the Grammy nomination, good for them, but that doesn't mean they are the shiznit over everybody else. I don't mean to offend but just state my opinion.
            just hangin'


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              there all good to me just like to here it
              john arkeketa


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                respect them....sure.....they're badass singers.....

                they're downfall is those cute little "funny the first time you hear 'em, but still shouldn't have been made in the first place" songs


                and Black Lodge has more than a few of those....

                how can you bow to someone singin' "Pork and Beans"




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                  whoa, there bunny bustle.....
                  yea i do think that Crees have some of the best
                  round dance singers around and i think theres a good reason for that, but thats why i posted the
                  question in the first place, i said "maybe your all aware of
                  singers that i am not aware of....." so u listed the Blacklodge singers, and thats all good, i enjoy there round dance maybe you could let us know of some good blackfoot round dance singers .
                  i dont think that we(Crees) are the end all be all of singing at all, and i dont think bowing down to anyone is a good thing at all in any sense.....dang. and by the way how many Crees were nominated for a grammy?....umm let me see....Northern Cree for 1.....




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                    listen up y'all.......i didn't mean to offend anyone.....(crossing fingers behind back)....and I apologize to those who were offended. I didn't mean for everyone to bow down to Black Lodge, what was meant by that statement was one of utmost respect. These guys rule!!! And so what if they did make some funny songs.....makes people smile. Thats the purpose of round dance music. They are composed songs of love or to bring humor for those of you who don't know that!!!!!!!!!!! There are a lot of very strong blackfoot singers out there.....Arnold Mountain Horse is a very well respected singer, Leo Wells has sat at the drum of many respected drums, Billy Wadsworth sings his everyloving heart out everytime he picks up a handdrum, Kent A Young Man has a voice straight from the heavens......these people may not be well known, but they are definately voices not to be reckoned with, and they are all Blackfoot!!!!! :Yell :Yell :Yell :Yell


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                      [SIZE=4]:( sorry guys, i meant your voices are voices that MUST be reckoned with.......strong dominant alpha male voices!!!:D :D :D :D


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                        Eya Hey Nakoda does some really good round dance songs and they of course are not cree. I like their Indian Car. ;) :p
                        "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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                          my favorites are
                          clayton chief, edward runningaround, arnold pete, late percy dreaver, harvey dreaver, ken pooyak, gordon mcglivery. art moosomin, marc longjohn, mervin dreaver, richard moccasin, archie moccasin, troy tootoosis, glen lewis, norman yellowbird, gerald waterhen(jacarney), terry paskemin and brad crain.
                          eugene alexis, arnie alexis, devere tsatoke, john scabbyrobe, shawn scabbyrobe, algin scabbyrobe, mr baker(1/2 cree), and jr. merrick.
                          theres numerous others but this all i can think of now......


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                            Yeah Red Bull has the title, Little Island Cree then Blackstone, Northern Cree fo sho, but there are so many more that don't travel that can just rock!

                            Non-cree's would have to be from Fort Berthold area, sheesh, they could make you dance hard or smile till your cramp or cry your eyes out and always make you run for your recorder!

                            Rocky Boy's has some wicked songs tho, too true.

                            We all need to come together and get these songs out in the open tho. All caught up in just pow-wow.
                            ...jus put on Mandareeeee....


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                              i have alot of favorite cree round dance singers. most of them have already been mentioned. my all time favorite would be clayton chief, of little island cree.

                              as for non-cree singers: eugene alexis,of logan alexis' boys. blacklodge are good also, but where john and algin took them they learned from the cree style. example, their round dances are run the cree way. they have alot of respect towards hand drum singing and other singers as well.


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