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    I've heard several different opinios on drums and money. Where I am from, if you liked a song, you threw money on the drum. I've been told by others that putting money on the drum can be interpreted negatively. Whats the general concensus on this?
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    Its all good.

    I was brought up to view money thrown on the drum as one of the greatest honours a drum can receive.

    Never heard of anything negative to do with this way but I guess it was just a matter of time before someone viewed it in that context.

    Traditionally, its all good.
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      There are drums out there that get their undies in a knot if money touches their drum. They act as if the money is contagious and can negatively effect the drum. In my experience, these types of drums are usually those that haven't been around all that long, have questionable mentors, and keep their crystals well polished.

      I was taught that money placed on the drum is inteaded for the entire drum group. If money is handed to an individual singer, it is intended for that particular singer.

      This one gent I know said that when money or other small gifts are given to the drum, it should be gently "tossed" on the drum so that the drum rings out. He said it allows the drum to speak back in appreciation. (Don't do this if you are gifting bowling balls, beef, or horses to the drum :p )
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        Yeah I have been told it is a honour. In fact I know people that have rubbed there money they were given on the drum in appreciation for its gifts. Also money is divided evenly.
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