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  • Schemitz!

    I have a question for all you critics out there.

    Do you think it would be a good idea to add an Ojibway Style Hand Drum contest at Schemitzun?

    There are quite a few drums that would enter:

    Battle River
    Little Otter
    Bear Creek
    Northern Wind
    Snake Island
    Whitefish Bay

    Eyabay and The Boyz have enough ojibs to go in the contest as well.

    It seemed to get a good response when B.R. sang the Ojib style the in '99 and '00.

    What do you think?


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    Well Hoksila,
    Out of the drums you mentioned there will only be three from your list and then like you said maybe the Boyz and Eyabay. I think it would be cool but what about something for the other tribes? I know the Crees are covered with the hand drum contest but what about the Siouxs, Blackfoot etc.?? you everyone will want a piece of the pie. Just hope if it does happen that the Ojibwe don't get beat at their own game like the Crees did last year when Blacklodge took it to them in hand drum. Actually the last two years. (Bet I ruffled some feathers with that one!)


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      I wasn't referring to having the contest this year, but possibly next year or something. But isn't the Ojibwe style different from that of the Cree, Blackfoot, Sioux, Lakota, and almost every other tribe? I'm just talking about style here. The double beat side step style is real sweet to watch I think. Everyone is just kickin' it out. It's different!

      Just like when the Smoke Dance was first introduced, it was a hit just because it was new to a lot of people who have never seen it. That's all I was asking!

      Just like they say, 500 tribes one powwow. Let's see them all.

      Last edited by hoksila; 03-11-2002, 09:22 AM.


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        I dont think they can cram EVERYTHING into the powwow. Every style of every dance of every tribe? Last year was the first time they didnt go till 3am! Cause they cut out some stuff.

        First it was northern and southern, now it is northern and southern contemporary and traditional and handdrum and 49. Now it is gonna be Ojibway handdrum, old style handdrum, cree handdrum, lakota, etc...

        Not that I wouldnt like to see it, I very much would like to but there is not much i get to see of plains,plateau, NW coast, SE, and SW NJ. Everyone is either cherokee or 'just visiting'.

        I think the specialty contests should be at powwows in the area of where the dance originates from. Do they have smoke dance contests out west now? Chicken dance specials in florida?

        They should just stick with the simple things.
        The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.


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          smoke dance

          Actually they have been asking for smoke dance out west for a while now...just that none of the singers can make it out that far because they all have families and jobs. lol I think it would be a good idea to have a ojibway hand drum contest...those songs kick ***!!:) But what do I know eh? Im just a girl. lol jk
          For every no good woman there is a no good careful


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            They already had an ojibway style hand drum last year at Schemitzun. If I'm not mistaken Little Otter won.


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              ah ha!

              Ah Ha! I thought so!! But then again I didnt really pay too much attention LOL
              For every no good woman there is a no good careful


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                Actually if I do recall the Ojibway contest was on the big drum.
                But was it really a contest....I mean 3 drums were in it.....I don't think many others really knew about it.

                But itoksniye. This is what I'm saying. The style is different. If you look at BlackLodge....these guys are is still the same style as the Cree style..... the Ojibway style has the double beat side step style.....

                If anything all I'm saying is change it up.....not necessarily Ojibway Style.....

                hand drum has been there for how many years?.......and I remember when there used to be 10-12 drums in the contest.....the number of hand drummers seems to be deminishing by the year......

                just somethin' I thought of..



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