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    Hey how bout BULLHORN??? they can jam too!


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      re: exciting drum group

      crazy horse jrs.,


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        Originally posted by albertaboy
        Hey how bout BULLHORN??? they can jam too!

        Your right about BullHorn...seen them at Gathering...they rocked the sneak up i seen them do....

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          Northern Cree can rock the house!
          "The poorest person is a person without a family" -Crow Indian proverb.


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            TWO WORDS:

            NORTHERN CREE


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              although they don't do much promoting, or traveling,but when they get there they rock They won United Tribes powwow couple yrs. back. (they win SOMEPLACE throughout the summer every year) They took CROW FAIR 2001 :) now that is REALLY :D the "FORT PECK SIOUX" singers led by Gerred Red Eagle as well as other greats(other lead examples); Bear Roberts, Wesley Windy Boy, Harry Three Stars Jr., Delray "Bubba" Smith, Harold Red Eagle Jr. the rest of the group is great too. Thumbs :Thumbs :Music: they rock my world:49: :blushing: :2::chief: (<Gerred's nickname )
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                Northern Cree
                Battle River
                White Fish Jrs
                Mighty Few
                Northern Wind
                Nighthawks - OG Crow Hopperz
                the ruffler


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                  IRON NECKLACE

                  thare only 4, they are from south dakota, but live in southern ohio now..
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                    I WOULD HAVE TO SAY:

                    BEAR CREEK :clap:

                    TBZ :24:

                    LITTLE ISLAND CREE:24: :24: THEY CAN SIMG SUM RONDS!!!


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                      :ThinkingThe best Drum that I think is the most exciting HAS to be by far MIDNITE EXPRESS :clap: Juss the way they are when they sing..Opie by far as the best leads..He gets right into it..And you can feel the energy when they sing :Thumbs They get everyone around them juss hyped right up :dancer: Seen them each and everytime they come to Canada..They're Da Bomb Baybee!!:explode:
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                        yeah there are plenty of good drumgroups out there that i forgot to put on the list but the limit for options was ten so...what can you do? But it looks like Bear Creek won! They can jam.


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