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why do singers do that?

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  • why do singers do that?

    i watched alot of contem. style singers and i noticed alot of them hold thier throats. well obviously it helps them, but why not take the time and sing naturally. :o

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    Looks stupid don't it....

    Why do they do that? Who Knows. Does it do anything? NO WAY!
    It's just for show. Some young singers think that it actually helps their voice while they sing! haha:D But to tell you the absolute truth, its doesn't do a damn thing! I think they believe that if you narrow up your vocal coards, by squeezing your throat, you're supposed to get a higher sound. Laughable, huh. Of course, anybody in the medical, or even the music industry would say that this technique is alot of crap, but hey, those singers look cool don't they??!! When it comes right down to it that's what it's all about, Young singers want to make it look like they are trying their hardest, which actually makes that whole display rather vain, wouldn't you say?

    Your voice is your voice, and it has its good days and its bad. All the pinching, buckleys mixture, and whatever else, is not going to make sound how you would like all of the time.

    see how many pinch now.....:D

    Mr. Wooer


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        I've actually heard singers that usually hold thier throats try not to, and to be honest it doesn't sound the same. Some guys actually do sound better holding their throat. I don't know why guys do this maybe to look some kind of way, or maybe to them they know they sound better, I guess only they would be the ones to know these things.


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          yeah a lot of guys do it....get the habit and can't break it. For some of them it does help them hit some ranges, but other ranges of singing they have trouble problem with pinchin' isn't the sound's the long term.

          Pinchin' your throat in effect squeezes and stresses the muscles unnaturally at a time you are puttin' a lot of effort into those muscles....

          Over time the muscles change shape or get damaged or it can lead to the growth of nodes in the throat (which are removed by surgery)....all of which destroy your voice or cause scratchiness in ranges where you used to sing strongly.....

          How many old pinchers out there do you see that really jam.....i'm hard pressed to think of any right now even over the young age of 35.....

          Another problem I got....guys that pinch can't sing well with a hand drum in most cases hand to pinch with....

          it's a fast way to get to blastin'......but not a way i'd recommend.



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            I just had to comment on this. I'm one of those pinchers on the pow wow trail as you can tell by my signature.

            Let me say this first.....pinching does help. I normally dont need to pinch when I sing, but for the most part I do. Not only does it help me hit those high notes but also helps make the voice sound sweet. I just started pinching two years ago and believe me I've adopted to it pretty well and cant help stop it. Its just a part of my singing, its been stuck with me. I've noticed the benefits its given me ever since.

            One another thing......grabbing the throat is not used just to look cool and to act like your singing hard. I dont try and act all cool and hotshot about it when I do it. I just pinch the throat and sing. It has nothing and I mean nothing to do with trying to look all hotshot and bigtime ya know? Pinching is an asset if you need to use it.

            I disagree with everything Pow Wow wooer said in his early comment. He obviously doesnt know anything about pow wow singing. Hes too caught up in the jealousy and anger that hurts the pow wow trail. Let me ask you one thing Wooer.......try squeezing your balls and see if it makes you scream high. After that you can figure it out.

            Oh yeah....pinching is for hitting high notes only and sometimes the lead. Other than that...such as the low parts, you not need to pinch.

            One final thing........pinching isnt just a contemporary thing. I've seen many northern drum groups have singers who pinch.

            Basically pinching does help. It helps you hit the high notes and it also helps with the sweetness of the voice. Believe me...I speak from personal experience.
            Go to a big contest pow wow Mr.Wooer and you'll see what I'm talking about.


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              Oh answer your concern. I personally can sing naturally....but I dont really have confidence in myself when it comes to hitting the high notes and having a sweet voice. I can do both....pinch and not pinch. But I'll use what I think will help me. I speak for alot of these people.


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                hey pinchin's no big deal in my books whether
                you do it or not, so no need to make the big
                fuss?......anyways, ill comment. Ive noticed that
                many of the "pinchers" who round dance sing, thier
                voices are noticably 'different' than when they are
                singing pow wow tunes, and also ive heard that
                they burn out faster in the long run, maybe someone
                can commment on that....myself i dont do it, i think cause
                i dont really know how? and plus it looks painful!


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                  Some singers...actually the majority of the pinchers who hand drum do sound different than they normally do when they do pinch. That aint no secret.

                  Those who pinch and burn out faster during a long song are obviously not that good of a singer. Try reconstructive throat surgery.

                  Thank god I'm not like that.


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                    Oh yeah before that one face starts dissing me. I just wanna say I'm a full-blooded, 100% First Nation Ojibway.



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                      do u know the group Whistling Chant...or something like that

                      Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.


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                        never heard of them truewarrior


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                          I've seen a guy with permanant pinch marks!...

                          The truth!

                          haha funny stuff though



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                            Whistle Chant is a group from the Six Nations rez in Ontario.


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                              Notable pinchers that i have seen over the last few years:

                              Jason Kingbird - Eyabay
                              Boss Garpidy - Wild Horse
                              Luke Okanee - Big Bear
                              Allen Bonaise - Fly-in Eagle
                              young guy (name?) - Eya-hey Nakoda (@ Schemitz 2000)
                              Justin Perro sp.? - Bear Creek
                              Rodney Stranger - Whitetail Cree
                              Dave Henry - Eyabay
                              Jerry Dreaver - Whitefish Jr.
                              Harlan Gopher - Southern Cree
                              Elroy Naitus - Seekaskootch

                              Those are just a few off the top of my head. All excellent singers in their own way. And powwowwooer you just proved once again that you are an uninformed small time hater. Always talkin s h i t about something that you know nothing about. I would like to see you talk s h i t in front of any of these guys. You must be one of those LOCAL guys who are jealous of people who have actually made in the powwow world. Unlike yourself obviously.
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