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  • Big Bear?

    Why the heck wasn't big bear invited to schemitzun? Thats crazy! Who knows why they do things the way they do, but you have to be under a rock not to know what big bear is all about! Alot of people are wondering about the line-up, and why a couple of those drums are on there, and an awsome drum like big bear is passed up. go fig-yer.

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    A lot of good drums were overlooked.

    What's wrong with the drums on there?

    All seem okay to me.



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      All you do is come and here and b*tch about powwows. Do you just have a problem with the powwow circuit as a whole or are you directing these stupid comments to someone?

      If you really don't have fun at these powwows why go? It's a choice we all make.

      I'll stop some of your next posts just by saying these few things:

      Yes people do kiss ***......YOU are not going to stop it! It's everywhere!

      Drums win different places, different weekends!

      Everyone can't be invited to a powwow every weekend!

      All MC's are not the greatest!

      All dancers don't have to be the long as they're having a good time!

      Everyone doesn't know everything!

      But we all wish we knew as much as you!

      Bows to the powwow god!

      wake up wooer! You do nothing on here but complain, if you don't like anything....quit powwow''s a choice!


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        Big bear is a good group. Nice sounds. Where they invited and turned it down? Possibly. Were they offered a singing contract at a location closer to home? Possibly. There are a lot of unanswered questions. Why wasn't Porcupine invited? Who knows? Maybe they were. I don't see them complaining.

        Why aren't all these groups who weren't invited complaining? It is an easy question. RESPECT. They respect the committees decision to invite who they see fit. It is their territory, their money, their gathering.

        I sure wouldn't want the Pequot Nation coming down on me because they weren't given a special invite to a gathering in Anishinaabe territory.

        There's a poll for "who would you pick for whatever" on this board which doesn't mean a damn thing. The choice is made, the roster is set Let's all respect that.

        If we keep carrying on needlessly about a decision that is not ours to make - we are showing a complete lack of respect for other nations.

        Everyone, respect their decision and go, enjoy the dancing and singing, have a good time.


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          uh.. this thread is asking why do people think big bear was not invited!

          Mighty offended are we? Suck it up Mr. Of course there are alot of positive elements about pow-wows, that goes without saying! Which is why I don't say. Its not b*tching, Its asking questions about all the cheeze around pow-wows, you must be hard up in it to react so angrily.:D

          And to the first reply. Whats wrong with the drums? Nothing per say, But it would be nice to see ALL world class drums at schemitzun for once. It is considered to be somewhat worldclass is it not? Be serious, dude, a few of those drums would
          NOT place internationally, and you know it. No matter how much hype they raise, Talent is the only thing that shines in the end. Some of them can't even pull off decent second songs!(roundance, crow hop, slide) Last year was a fine example. The drums in the first three spots paid their dues, which is why they deserve what they got today. The rest of the drums needed some work, but were still very good by pow-wow standards. Its just that some drums are out-classed, and should do more inovating and less imitating.
          Like I said, who knows why the committee does the things they do.

          -the wooster


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            Well I sing with Snake Island, and I feel that it is an honour that we got invited this year. Yeah we may not be a world class drum, but does it really matter. It seems that you are just pointing the finger at us, because of all the drums I see on the list, they all seem to have "paid their dues" or whatever it is you want to call it. So who else could you be mentioning.

            And what do you mean by imitating? I think we all sing on our group. We work hard to learn the songs, and to sing them.

            You must just have a big problem with our drum group. Well whatever it is. Can you just keep it to yourself?

            Other people like our music, and we respect that.

            If you don't that's fine.



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              There was no anger in my post. I was just plainly stating that no powwow is going to be perfect, no one is perfect!

              What is wrong with the good elements of the powwow?

              Just drop it. You really make yourself look really bad in here, but you don't're just a coward with to much time on his hands to come in here dissing the whole powwow world....

              I especially like it how you're scared to come and confront these people. Pure coward if you ask me!

              Hoksila~ looking forward to hearing snake island!


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                aho same here.....good to see Snake Island goin' schemitzun....

                and yep...I'll agree with you wooer....Big Bear is tight, but I don't know why they weren't invited either. There's the possibility that they didn't want to go....there's a chance they were overlooked.....maybe they don't want to cross the border....who knows.

                the fact is you can't get every drum you want or need every time you put on a obviously think the people deciding the drums are not that smart....well....all I can say to that is go ahead and tell Kenny Merrick Jr. what you think of the choices he helped you'll learn somethin'.....



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                  Hi Rock,

                  who said I called anyone stupid??? Yes, thats exactly it! Who knows? Some of us want to know, ya know.


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                    "you obviously THINK the people deciding the drums are NOT THAT SMART"

                    never said you called anyone stupid....



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                      CHECK YOURSELF!


                      Quit disrespecting groups or people you don't like!

                      All singers and dancers are CHO! Nevermind what you think brother.

                      If you feel so strongly(negative) about things concerning powwows--------quit going to them.

                      I'm sure the powwow world will be a better place.
                      NO FEAR!


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                        big bear

                        well i was kinda disappointed that big bear wasn't invited, but alot of other drum groups weren't either. well theres always next year guys. i sure do hope big bear travels around into the states more often, cause i think these guys are awsome.:D


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                          Big Bear

                          Hey guys, lol. Nice post. Just to clear somethings up. No we werent invited. No we dont have another gig anywhere else that weekend. Yeah I know it was a bad deal that we didnt make the cut this year. We were supposed to show last year but unfortunately government cutbacks prevented us from securing the budget needed to make the long journey. We did save up, but unfortunaly we didnt save enough fast enough and were forced to stay home. And now that they are inviting people again, we didint make the cut. I asked if it would be cool if we just crashed the party anyway. Hopefully we get the okay to go compete even if we are not on the list. If not oh well. There is always next year. It would have been really nice to go but it okay too. We are still hopeing to take in as much pow-wows as we can in the US. We really enjoy going to different pow-wows across Indian country and taking in all the different cultures. Pow-wows are awsome. One big cultural mosiac. I think that would have to be my favorite part of all. Oh listening to all those other awsome drum groups too. Man, cant waite till season is in full swing. Be seeing ya all on the trail! :Chatter
                          Only God can Judge Me


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                            big thanx too

                            Oh and Big thanks too all our supporters all. You all so awsome!
                            Only God can Judge Me


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                              Good attitude

                              Good words, Bbstyle. Thanks for clearing things up. With an attitude like that along with your great sounds, I'm sure you guys will do great this year. Hopefully, the guys at Schmetzun will take notice and you'll get there in the future. Good luck!


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