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    I am gathering info on what everyone prefers in the original or contemporary style of singing. I am referring to Northern style. Hopefully, all you southern will answer the poll also. The poll will end in 7 days which will be the 26th or 27th.

    Please answer the poll questions honestly and after I have the data collected, I'll share with you my findings.

    I am under 35 and prefer contemporary style.
    I am over 35 and prefer contemporary style.
    I am under 35 and prefer original style.
    I am over 35 and prefer original style.

    The poll is expired.

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    Mr Kiwehnzii,

    you really believe in your theory that anyone under 35 loves contemporary and anyone over 35 loves original. I am gonna have to disagree with you to an extent. No matter which way your poll goes it isn't gonna prove anything. There are what, maybe a hundred or so "real" powwow people on this site. There are a number of original groups out there who have singers under 35 years of age. Including Big Bear, Mountain Soul, Midnite Express, Battle River, Snake Island, and Whitetail Cree. Now at least 90% of these singers on these groups are 35 and under. I have to think that these young singers prefer original over contemporary if that is what they choose to sing.


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      You're right first tymer. Not a good percentage of real powwow people, but hey, it's worth a try.

      This is just a theory and I'm checking it out is all. I know all these polls don't mean a damn thing.

      It's a better poll than " Is the hair color in your armpits the same as your facial hair?", innit?:D


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        I hear ya Mr. Kiwehnzii


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          I like both styles. They can both really jam. :Thumbs
          "Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!" ~Bob Marley~


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            Well folks this poll has closed and one for sure thing that I've found out is - people don't really care about polls. Out of 228 views,only 30 people voted.

            I also would like to confirm that these polls don't mean anything.

            According to this poll, my theory that people over 35 prefer original stlye was correct. Nine of the voters for original - zero for contemporary.

            As for the under 35 group, quite a different story. Fifteen voted for original - Six for contemp.
            2 1/2 times more for original. So much for that theory.

            All this proved was it was a waste of time, innit?

            Interesting tho.

            Any body else got a poll that can prove something or should the polls be kept open forever and ever amen?


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              Any body else got a poll that can prove something or should the polls be kept open forever and ever amen?
              ....that sounds like a good question for a poll!
              - zeph


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