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The staff of includes Moderators, Senior Moderators, and the Webmaster., LLC is owned and operated by Paul Gowder and Kelli Gowder. Moderators of are a valued part of the community. The moderating duties at encompass several different areas. Moderators serve as an "advisory" group for the site. This includes testing new features, giving opinions on changes, and discussing policies and problems. On a daily basis, moderators are tasked with maintaining their respective forum. This includes editing, deleting, moving, merging, splitting, and archiving threads. Becoming a Moderator This section is dedicated to covering all of the requirements a member needs to be eligible to become a moderator. Posts - We do not judge members by their post count, however we would like to see a decent amount of posts to assure us that the member being recommended is an active member. 6 months as a member - The minimum a member must wait before being eligible to be recommended to be a moderator is six months. This is so we know that the member being voted on is active, and knows the ropes. Recommendation / Consent from Moderators - A member must receive one recommendation if he/she is being recommended to be a moderator. A consensus of the current moderators and senior moderators must be reached for each recommended member. The Webmaster has the right to veto any recommendation.