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    So how are we getting along ? Haven't seen much of you since the upgrade.

  • OLChemist
    How have you folks been? How's Eyes getting along?

    I'm still fogging up the mirror in the morning. I've been pretty busy with using work to avoid my personal life lately. Things aren't going well with my cousin. So I've been using work to not think.

    Also the update makes using the boards fairly unpleasant. I'm dyslexic. If the text is really heavily altered, like it is in these super narrow popups and fields, it makes me struggle.

    On the good side, I've got a pretty cool, if somewhat derivative necklace going. I just need to haul my fanny out to the studio to work. The next two soldering operations are going to be tense. I've never soldered a fine silver bezel of this size before. (Fine is easier to melt than sterling. On a big piece like this, you need to put the spurs to the torch to get everything hot enough for a good flow.) I'm a bit scared, lol. If I melt the bezel, it will be very hard or impossible to fix. But, I need the softer metal of the fine to conform to the steep sides of the this stone.

    It's a lovely piece of Morenci turquoise. But the cutting job is poor. It's backed with epoxy. The back isn't flat and over all has been ground with a marked tilt. It's requiring a lot of fussing with the bezel to hide the flaws and make a good fit. I'm old fashioned. I refuse to glue stones, which has become much more common since a lot of cutting has move to China, where you're luck to get 2 deg tilt on the sides. This is an American cut, but it was more of a better quality tourist grade stone. But if I can get it set right, it has lovely water webbing and is just a dazzling robin's egg blue.
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