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  1. mark deville
    10-26-2015 11:41 AM - permalink
    mark deville
    Osiyo every one it has been some time since I have posted on here but life does take us down peculiar pathways. I hope to be back here more often now things have settled down. I hope all of my friends on here are well DO NA DA
  2. tiffany redfeather
    07-15-2009 04:16 AM - permalink
    tiffany redfeather
    possibly might be going to Leonard Peltiers parole hearing rally if i can get my butt over to lewisburg, Pa

    how about you?
  3. tiffany redfeather
    04-24-2009 04:58 PM - permalink
    tiffany redfeather
    Thanks! I know its been awhile. things have been mad crazy since i started the LP-DOC branch support group for ohio. ha ha man when i say crazy i mean all over the place. Why i havent been on mainly, that an no one else posts back when i post up. sometimes it takes a week. :)

    thank you for hollaring at me.

    how have you been?
    07-20-2008 08:32 PM - permalink
    dear mark~ thank you for your comment some time back about my writing on my brother-in-law's passing. white or not, it is what you show of your heart and spirit that count the most. there are some pure bloods growing up on the reservations that do not have the heart of THE PEOPLE. they only think and do for themselves. then there are others who are not born to THE PEOPLE that have the heart and spirit and show it every day of their lives. again, thank you for your comment. i am sorry i did not get back to you much sooner. i had stopped going to my blogs. but im glad i found your comment!
  5. tiffany redfeather
    07-14-2008 03:02 PM - permalink
    tiffany redfeather
    OOOO yea i just got home from DC~ its strange to be home! all is beautiful made many contacts an i think i know where my path is leading, or at least a vague area! :)
  6. tiffany redfeather
    06-10-2008 04:28 AM - permalink
    tiffany redfeather

    you can use an icon that powwows provides... ther is a menu on your control panel ( will say user CP off to the bar that says blogs, FAQ(frequently asked questions), member list, points, new posts, ispy and so on... its orange and above your name on this page with your comments on it. click on user cp.

    there will be a bar to the left hand side that has a vertical list of options starting with "your control panel, then will start off with edit your details. find it?

    there is a option down the line to edit avatar. left click on it! there there are a long list of many decals you can borrow til you flap your wings around a lil bit

    let me know if any of this helped you, i tried to go step by step as if i would be talking to my dad. he is very illiterate when it comes to tech stuff! lol

    funny that i remind you of your daughter!

    well ill ttyl (talk to you later)
  7. tiffany redfeather
    06-10-2008 04:23 AM - permalink
    tiffany redfeather
    you dont need a picture of you right now, you can get a picture online if you want, just make sure its not copyrighted! it usually says so in a corner or across the picture in a relief of some sort.

    find a picture you like on the computer while browsing the internet, you can search for pictures on a search bar such as google or yahoo search engines (most popular). type in a key word (dog, cat, feathers, powwows, love, stars, lightning, or what ever tickles your fancy that is good for a family oriented setting). after you find an image that is about my size here when you read my posts with the green shirt, on the forum(there are size requirments that is why i say that).

    take your mouse and put the curser(arrow or finger) over the middle of the picture, and with the right top button click once. a small menu should pop up. take the curser down to the save as option and click on it. it will ask where you want it saved to. usually you want to save it some where that is easy to find. so the desktop of the documents will be best for now or even your own pictures. so at the top there will be a bar with a lil box next to it with an arrow pointing down or out. click on that and go to your account, then to your pictures. then save it a name you can remember best (make sure it has a unique name, 2 things cant be saved under the same name).

    after that you go to that file and make sure the dimentions of the picture are just right for the avitar (picture like i have with the green shirt and glasses) before uploading it into the site. The biggest you can have it is 150 by 175 pixels or 39.1 KB (whichever is smaller). pixels mean the little dots that make up the picture on a computer, and you dont have to count the computer does that for you. go find your picture you saved. and in the box where you saved it to if its in the picture folder if you hold the curser over the picture tab before clicking on it, a little box with appear over it and it will have the information about the file/picture! remember 150wide x 175high. if its smaller no worries as long as its no bigger. if it is too big you can click on it with the right button of the mouse agian and there will be an option in that box to "open with..." or "open using..." move the curser to that, then another box will appear with the programs you can use to edit the picture.

    click on one of the programs. i know my computer has paint which is usable, but not the best but best navagatable compared to most! does that make since! if you need to edit the picture before uploading let me know...
  8. tiffany redfeather
    06-10-2008 04:06 AM - permalink
    tiffany redfeather

    thank you for making your intentions known! thank you many! well i can help you with that,
    do you have a scanner seperate or built in the printer you got if you got one?

    do you have a digital camera or a camera cell phone?
  9. tiffany redfeather
    06-09-2008 12:48 AM - permalink
    tiffany redfeather
    thank you! trust me i will keep it an make it grow further!

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