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  1. xTekno
    11-17-2008 01:49 PM - permalink
    So do you know which direction to drive your truck?
  2. sleeprock
    11-14-2008 02:04 PM - permalink
    hi... ;o) just checing out your page!! how are you today?
  3. Ann111
    11-06-2008 12:24 PM - permalink
    I hope you had fun at work. How are you and the kids doing? I would love to hear about it. I made some "Utimate Brownies" for the girls on Tuesday Nov 4th. They are very fudgy and chocolaty and fill you up. The girls mentioned Thanksgiving. I usually make stuffing, pumpkins pies, mashed potatoes, yams, etc. They can't wait for that. I have to get some more pie crusts.
  4. Ann111
    10-30-2008 10:17 AM - permalink
    Hello ! I hope you are well. Thanks for the greeting, and I would love to hear about your week. Have you gone anywhere?
    I have been home catching up on a few things.
  5. Ndnsoldierboy
    10-21-2008 05:56 PM - permalink
    It means, "Thunder Traveling to Loftier Mountain Heights".

    "Joseph" was the name the whites gave him...
  6. Ndnsoldierboy
    10-14-2008 01:19 PM - permalink


    Here ya go.
  7. Chevy_truckin_NDN
    10-13-2008 08:13 AM - permalink
    oh yeah, it's rough. Hmmmm, more opportunities there for her. Our school is cheering, volley, basketball, softball and baseball. There's a choir, but they don't compete much. And that's it. The other school, they have soo many activities, like newspaper, theater, art, painting, etc. Stuff that she does, and she likes. It was hard, but yanno, sometimes you gotta let them go, so they won't be stuck .....sitting next to me on the couch when they are 30.....LMAO!
  8. spottedeagle
    10-13-2008 05:20 AM - permalink
    GEWD Morning!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. n8ve firefly
    10-13-2008 04:43 AM - permalink
    n8ve firefly
    Hi. Thank you for the welcome.
  10. Ann111
    10-09-2008 12:19 PM - permalink
    Hi ! Welcome to the site!! You picked a wonderful place to spend time. I am glad you liked my pictures. I would love to hear more about you. I am the mother of 5 girls and I live in Hampton, VA. This place has people from all over the world, but the one thing they have in common is their warmth and generosity.

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