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    07-31-2010 06:54 PM - permalink
    oh, in case you didnt know, to find a persons profile page you just click on their name or avitar. & incase you dont know what an avitar is...its the picture you see next to the name of each person. bye.
    07-31-2010 06:53 PM - permalink
    hello VIOLETANNIE! it appears no one come in this place much. i just spotted a message to me from about march. heck, you might not even see this message until a year from now if ever!. sorry i missed this and didnt respond sooner. but i had just joined too but at the end of 2009.
    i stay mainly in the "chat chat " forums. this is a huge place and its easy to get lost. i would love to read your poems. i used to write poetry too. that is one of the reasons i came here. to discover the many talented people on powwows. i may stop by your profile page someday. its quicker and easier to communicate that way. good luck and i hope to see you around soon!
    03-04-2010 11:25 AM - permalink
    hello new friends ,i`m new to the miracle of computers but i write poetry and i have wrote a few as if i was a native american ,maybe in another life i wasof your people, but i know in this one I`m a miners daughter and one day soon i`d like to sgare my poetry with you all if that is ok,till then God bless you all ,love and peace to you and yoursx

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