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I will pour out My Spirit on your children by Chad Taylor

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  • I will pour out My Spirit on your children by Chad Taylor


    -- A Word through Chad Taylor
    Chad's e-mail: [email protected]

    Note from Chad:

    (I send this with a great feeling of victory for our brothers and
    sisters, the First Nations people. The Spirit of the Warrior is upon
    me as I write this. We pray O Great Father, send forth your Spirit to
    burn up the dross of [dead] religion that keeps your people, the Church,
    blinded form their brothers needs. Send your great flame of
    repentance that brings reconciliation My Lord. Send it with God's
    speed... Chad.)


    "But this is a people robbed and spoiled, they are all of them snared
    in holes, and they are hid in prison houses, they are for a prey, and
    none delivers, for a spoil, and none cries, "RESTORE!" (Isaiah

    I hear the words "recompense" and "restitution." I hear the voice of
    Lord say, 'it is time for restoration. Now is the time for the barren
    to sing and the grieved to be consoled. For the wounded to be healed
    and the outcast to come home. Now is the time says the Lord.


    I see those forsaken and forgotten relieved. I see those in chains
    being set free. Those that have been rejected and scorned, now healed
    and richly adorned. Those that sat in dung hills now sitting with
    princes. Now is the time, now is the season. A wind of refreshing is
    blowing across your land, the weak and the feeble I will cause to
    stand. I will put my weapons in their hands. They will possess the land.

    The Spirit of the Warrior and the Eagle I am now releasing, the lame
    will walk and the blind will see. The ones in prison cells will cry
    out to Me. A wind of refreshing I am sending to the First Nation, I
    will give them My love and My compassion. They will bridge the gap
    between nations. They will bring reconciliation.

    Stand and watch O peoples, as I pour out My Spirit on your children.
    Now is the season, now is the time. My glory will be seen upon you,
    arise and shine! "Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the
    brightness of your rising." (Is.60:3). Now a new star is shining.
    Like the glory of the Son you will shine bright, all nations will know
    that you are Mine.


    Your chiefs will sit with presidents and kings, their gifts and riches
    they will bring, to lay at your feet. I will prepare a table for you
    in the midst of your enemies. I will open a fountain in desolate
    heights, I will give your children the will to fight. I will remove
    the fear and the shame, they will be ambassadors for My name. In
    foreign nations they will proclaim, "JESUS REIGNS!"

    I will give you back the stolen land. I will restore it with My right
    hand. You will stand on the ancient places, I will wipe the tears off
    your elders faces. Your children shall run and not be weary, walk and
    not faint. I will take from your hearts the scars and pain. I will
    bring to your land the latter rain. The former and latter rain.


    Prepare yourselves for war. I am mending what I have torn. I will
    give you the keys of My Kingdom to set nations free, to tear down the
    strongholds and crush principalities. Wherever the soles of your feet
    tread you will possess the land. On the high and ancient places you
    will stand. To proclaim liberty and command, "RESTORE!" We will not be robbed and spoiled no more! For the Judge stands at the door. The
    Judge stands at the door.'


    I hear the cries of your children, the cries in the night,
    I hear the groans of your elders who have grown weary from the fight,
    I hear the cries of innocent blood from the ground,
    I see your children in prison cells chained, bitter, and bound.

    I see your mothers barren unable to confide,
    I see your warriors broken and without the will to fight,
    But now is the season and now is the time,
    For My children to "arise and shine."

    Arise and shine,
    My bride it is time to arise,
    Adorned in white,
    With the strength to fight,
    Arise and shine...

    Now is the time of restitution,
    I am pouring out My Spirit on your children,
    I will bind up their hearts and heal up their wounds,
    and the barren will now bring forth her fruit.

    Your elders will sing a new song,
    Recompense to you all that has been done wrong,
    Restore what has been devoured,
    My children this your most glorious hour!

    Arise and shine,
    My bride it is time to arise,
    Adorned in white,
    With the strength to fight,
    Arise and shine...

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    Chad Taylor
    Email: [email protected]
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