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    Ugg boots the approaching storm

    September snow Millennium difficult to satisfy the particularly cold winter eliminate promptly to!
    ����A thick down jacket only warm upper body, decrease system was gonna depend on it: snow boots! local new ugg boots brand new Arctic Angels online, when you you should not want to be this year's winter season maimed, Arctic Angels enable us deal with it!
    ����Arctic Arctic Angels angle in 2011-2012 period begins extensive growth ideas, no matter if it is the entity Terminal stores or brand's overall performance within this yr are value the wait. Moreover, this calendar year will likely be revealed around a lot more than thirty equilibrium the exceptional designs of ugg boots, to fulfill our domestic high-end market place and various character from the style trend in need.
    ����Focus on good quality and environmental power to accomplish the most beneficial excellent of ugg boots
    ����Arctic Angel layout director describes mentioned 2011 Arctic Angel vigorously introduced international state-of-the-art high density built bubble conclude of technologies, 1st PVC material composite soles, substantial density produced bubble soles, materials itself much more light, additional wear-resistant, in anti-sliding operation Shang, than up market other General built bubble soles to greatly enhanced, following check, Arctic Angel PVC friction reduction thirty,000 days friction check =0.04mm, in genuine application examination of, by investigation personnel test, walking 201,000 m, no injury.
    ����Green PVC elements be a non-toxic, odorless white powder. It's got superior chemical stability, and superior plasticity. Aside from a couple of organic solvents, a room temperature, is resistant to any focus of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid of 50~60% and 20% of your 90% the subsequent the subsequent caustic soda, salt is additionally very steady.
    ����Ugg boots this year sector combine, case of increasing uncooked materials prices, Arctic Angels even now boldly producing innovations, since Arctic Angels firmly believes that the excellent in the products, price/performance will be the critical to customers to the Arctic Angels this regional model help!
    ����2011 new angels gather for winter season warmth.
    ����As a domestic Chinese brands, Angel within the Arctic (Arctic angle) by Jiangsu thermal merchandise not surprisingly source tour trade corporation released a fresh model, is one of our popular uggs brand name of Chinese people. The last two a long time, as well as snow boots are popular serious dote on Arctic Angels also sought after and loved by all people. 2010 model, revenue at an individual point more than hundreds of thousands. And guarded from the CDC of your people's network, the China organization network, the MSN China, in excess of the domestic media reported in trend. Only by the area of a year, uggs industry in China is now the 1st network of direct income manufacturers!

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