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  • hello to all my friends! dang if im not still down with that itchy skin! its got to be something else other than poisen weed. well, i mean on top of that! at least i got rid of the skin infection, which is hard to do for diabetics. i have been to the health clinic twice now. the RN who saw me both times said my skin looked better. ( well it does) but my skin is still itchy! so today i bought some spray on calamine by band-aid. maybe this will help. its hard to feel like typing when my fingers really want to be scratching! *laughing* its probably all nerves, i have a deposition being set up by my workers comp lawyer and the other lawyer for early november, about my original fall back in june 2002. its been a long up hill battle for six years now. workers comp is also denying my hospital bills from the fentanyl patch overdose! they ad up to about fifteen thousand dollars! so now the hospital and doctors are talking about sending things to collection agencies! dang workers comp doctor nearly killed me with the medication he knew i was allergic to, and now they wont pay?! any suggestions from you that you might have for me, i sure would appreciate! warm hugs from my heart to you all!

    "Life is too short to not take the time to laugh” ~AME~
    "Who can afford NOT to laugh at themselves?" ~AME~
    "I laugh the most when i laugh at myself!” ~AME~
    "Laughter is'nt really "the best medicine"’s the CURE!” ~AME~
    "Give me a good laugh,... and i will give you my world!” ~AME~


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