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  • morning ttiger . . . well, its been a month since i moved out . . . my heart still hurts *lol* since we last talked, my sister moved in with us, im so happy. she was worried about us. she dropped everything where she was living and moved out here with us. she is so wonderful . . . her main concern is the kids ive been getting along kinda-sorts okay. of couse, feeling down and depressed . . but the show must go on. im just now getting back in the swing of thing *lol* i took the truck away from him. i was getting tired of ppl calling me and saying that wh..e was driving it or they saw her getting out of it . . . is was making me cry . . . since i had the extra key, i went to his work and took the truck. so now he's driving around in his old boom of a truck . . . . thats what he gets for messing with me
    *lol* as of now, i have a truck, a car, and a van . . . . do i look rich or what *lmao*

    thats what u get 4 breaking my heart...

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