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  • yeah, i kept wanting to leave you a message, but i was getting side tracked or id forget *lol*
    like i said before, i still love him and i want to be with him . . . . but i know for sure he dont want us back. he's been running around with his ex-wife . . . . and i really-really hate her. eveytime i see her . . i have to restrain myself from ripping her head off or running her over . . im saving that for later *lol*
    my lil girl is having a hard time sleeping, she calles for her dad at nite when she sleeps, it breaks my heart. my lil boy is still sick, im sure he misses his dad also . . . but i dont know if he know what a "dad" really is, he probably know that other person is no longer there. i hate putting my kids throug this, but their dad dont want nothing to do with them. the only thing he does is buy diapers, wipes, and pullups. i asked him for money so i could get some clothes and shoes . . . . nothing

    thats what u get 4 breaking my heart...

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